Not a lot to talk about

Since I had dinner at the lighthouse, I haven't done much of anything.  Certainly nothing of interest and especially nothing blogworthy.  I am making some plans and making some changes in my life. Nothing  I can divulge yet but I am excited about it.

I've been putting in long hours at work, it's been so busy. Not leaving much time for play.
Except for the occasional cappuccino with friends.


Michelle said…
Oh how funny, you should just go read what I posted. I can relate! I just love your photos!!!
Oh...I'm intrigued! I missed your post on the lighthouse dinner so I am going back!

Well, this is interesting. I'm looking forward to hearing your plans.
Rebecca said…
I haven't see you! :) I was so disappointed I didn't get to do the art class last week, but I saw your name on the list - did you go? What a fun project. :) Hope you're doing well!!
Hi Elaine, a very mysterious post, I'm looking forward to hearing what you have in store! Oh, the cappuccino looks yummy!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!
Michelle said…
Hey Elaine, coming by to answer your question. Quincy and Emma are doing fine..they are all tolerating one another..but Emma, tonight, chased Lily back into her bed..a few hissing fits but that's all. Emma is starting to show her dominance. Lily doesn't back down though. LOL Do you have the same type of thing happen when you bring a new kitty in?
I know what you mean by not "Blogworthy" That 's what I say sometimes, "This is "blogworthy". Not to worry, can't wait until you share your news with us :)
Donna said…
Hi Elaine! So interested in hearing more about the changes that are ahead for you! The fact that you are excited means they are good changes! There just isn't much going on in my life, either, so my blogging has been way down I'm afraid! Sorry work has been so crazy but happy you're enjoying cappuccino with friends! Enjoy this amazing weather we're having!... Donna

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