I like words

At my Christmas party last year a friend said to me, "You like words, huh?" As I looked around the condo I noticed he was right.

There's Eat Drink and Be Merry gracing the dining room wall leading to the hallway.

And keep calm and carry on in the hallway leading to the dining room.  My sister said it is placed well because if I burn dinner I can always look at the poster and remind myself to keep calm.

Over the french doors leading to the living room there is a ski which instructs you to enter with a Christmas heart.

Again in the corner of the dining room more words. Inspired by London.

In the kitchen,  French words on the Steinlein print with the woman and her cats and dogs.

In the living room, the angel is made of newsprint. Lots and lots of words there.

All is calm all is bright above the doorway leading to the dining room.

And even the tray on display above the refrigerator has a menu written on it.

More words on the Chat Noir poster in the hallway, a gift from my friend Pauline.  I love it!

Yeah, I guess I like words.  Do you?


I completely agree about the word thing...love them too. I guess I never really considered myself someone that loved them as much as I do until I started blogging, funny huh!
count robot said…
your pad is pretty darn nifty!
I love looking at all of your signs, etc.! it gave me chance to see more of your pretty home! I think my favorite are the Christmas words on the ski above the doorway. Love the script. The London subway sign is also cool!

I love words!!!! I better, I'm a teacher!!! LOL!!! Your place looks great!!! I especially like the "All is Calm . . . " looks great!
I like how you used the words that are meaningful to you through out your lovely home.
Deborah said…
I love all your word decor!
And your choice of words are lovely..they say alot about you!
I smiled to see that you are an animal lover too.
Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by today xo

Deborah xoxo
Rebecca said…
I'm a word person as well; I have signs all throughout the house. Who did the wording on your wall? There's some that I want to do in my house but not sure who I can call?

LOL, I even buy Philosphy products, not just because they're good - but because I love the sayings on them. :)
Carole said…
Nice blog. If you like playing around with words you might like a series I am doing on cryptic crossword clues. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/todays-cryptic-clue-solution-tomorrow_16.html

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