Creating a Life List

After reading a few blogger's life lists recently, I decided to create one of my own.
Wow, it's not easy when there's a world of possibilities. I doubt I will get to all of them
but it is fun to dream.

I am putting some things on the list that are definitely doable and some that aren't. I'm enjoying just thinking about it.

I am not ready to post the complete life list yet because it is not finished. Here are a few of the items on my list:

A stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. I just watched a documentary about this and it was fascinating.


Everything is made of ice. The walls, the beds, all the furniture.

Doesn't that look dreamy?  It is supposed to be very warm under the bedding.

I have never been to Sweden or any of the Scandinavian countries. This would be a trip of a lifetime. So of course it goes on the bucket list.

I have to say most of the items on the list are travel related.  Here's another one:

Photographing snow monkeys in Japan.

Another item on the list?  Dinner in a lighthouse. And after tomorrow night I can cross this off my list.
I'll blog about my experience later in the week.

Anyone want to create a life list/bucket list and share it with me?


Marie said…
Welcome to Sweden Elaine!
Let me know if you ever plan a trip and I will be happy to provide for you some recommendations.
I can't wait to hear about the dinner! Now this, too, is on my bucket list!

I am deathly afraid of monkeys. Even this picture gave me the chills.

Fete et Fleur said…
What an amazing hotel. I'm not sure I could handle the cold, but what an adventure. I love that you want to photograph snow monkeys, and I can't wait to here about your dinner!

Elle Dreams said…
I love your blog and am now following you.

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