Stream of Consciousness Blogging

Sometimes I do not have enough thoughts or opinions on a particular subject to create a good blogpost so I don't blog. I've decided to write sort of stream of consciousness just so I can keep in touch with my readers and blog more frequently. So here goes:

Today I had a pleasant surprise when I went to a coffee shop I rarely frequent. The baristas make beautiful designs in their lattes! This is my mocha latte and it was as delicious as it was pretty.Oh yeah, the shop is aptly named Creations.  They're located on Main Street in Wakefield if you are in the neighborhood.

I hate watching political debates. I usually like each candidate a little less after hearing them speak.

My love hate relationship continues with the hard wired smoke detectors in my condo.

I think I need to make my bed less comfortable as I am finding it extremely difficult to get up in the morning. Perhaps the cashmere flannel sheets will have to go. Sniff, sniff!

Most days I think I would rather work with animals instead of people.

I lost a follower, wondering who and why?

I hate to admit it but I watch The Bachelor. And this season's group of women are especially psycho.

I am ecstatic that the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl even though it was an ugly win.

Hope everyone has a great week!


I too have lost followers along the way. I think peoples taste change or they just get bored with what we are posting. As far as the Patriots go, it was an ugly win, but a win is a win.
I used to watch the Bachelor but stopped...since 99% of the couples don't make it I wonder what's the point?

we all lose followers here and there, there's nothing we can do about it. Sometimes people stop following because they follow too many blogs or they see that the person isn't reading/commenting on their blog.

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