Meet the Kits- Molly, Naughty or Nice?

I know I always mention the kitties in my posts but I thought it might be fun for you to get to
know each one of them up close and personal. Today it's 10 year old Molly's turn.

Molly might look like an angel but that's an act.  She can be a little devil at times too. Her vet says she has a beautiful feminine face and I agree she is a real beauty.

I adopted Molly from a Petsmart in Tyngsoboro, MA.  She had been rescued from a trailer park in Hooksett, NH by an organization called Kitty Angels. Her name was Little Martha at the time and she was 6 months old.

Molly was my sole kitty for the first 7 years of her life.  We lived in a one bedroom apartment
with a wonderful screened balcony.  She spent lots of time outdoors on the balcony. It's the one thing I miss about that old fifth floor apartment.

Molly is quite the character.  She does not make much noise and in fact she rarely makes a sound.
Well, she likes to rip up newspaper and paper bags. I think she likes the sound it makes.

Since "the boys" moved in to the condo, Molly has one eye open at all times.

She never knows when she will be under attack. As the boys age, this will be less of a problem. Molly and I are patiently waiting for the juveniles to grow up.

Molly does have a mischievous side. She is the first one to investigate anything new at the condo.
She is a curious cat.

Occasionally she will mix it up with Oscar.  Percy tortures her and she does not want anything
to do with him.

After so much play and investigation, she is ready for her catnap. She takes several naps a day. Unfortunately, the boys have taken over the bed and she never gets a chance day or night to sleep there anymore.  It is quite sad that she has lost her status as the alpha cat. She still seems happy most days but still I feel bad for her.  After all, I am the one who brought the boys into the condo without asking her opinion.

I am still holding out hope that there will be peace in the household in the future.


Leslie's Garden said…
Such a beautiful kitty! She looks so majestic. We are down to just two kitties. Our poor kitties had a tough year last year. Hopefully no more mishaps. The two we have are special.
nice to meet you kitty cats. You are adorable
Benny & Lily
Eileen said…
She is a beautiful cat! She really does have a feminine, lovely face.
Poor pretty Molly., I have a great idea. Why don't you let Molly in the bedroom and shut the boys out for awhile.
Elaine said…
Thanks everyone for the comments.

@From Beyond My Kitchen Window- I tried closing the bedroom door and leaving just Molly in the room with me. The boys meowed and scratched at the door all night. I had to let them in the room so they would not disturb my upstairs neighbor!
Anonymous said…
I'm not at all a cat person, totally dogs ruling in this house. That being said, I love this post and it made me smile. She's a gorgeous girl kitty. :-)

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