Prepping for the Christmas Soiree

My annual Christmas Soiree is this Saturday.  As usual, I feel  like I am behind the eight ball. I barely have the condo decorated. I need to clean and shop for food.

If we don't have rain I will put out the luninarias again. They always make a statement at the entrance.

Hopefully, the TV will be wall mounted over the fireplace by Friday. I have a friend of a friend coming to do that on Thursday.  He will also hang the new chandelier in my dining room.

I still do not have curtains on the windows so the living room will probably look like this. Actually I have a new tree. Last year's tabletop tree had to be tossed, the lights went out on it. So a new small tree for the living room.  Also the lit garland has half of it's lights out so I think I will either put up some real greenery and a string of lights or scour my storage space in the basement to see if I have another prelit garland..

There will be another show stopper cake. Midnight Velvet, yum!  This is the cake from Soiree #1. No one would cut the cake because it was too pretty. Finally my sister cut the chimney off and finally the guests began to eat it.

Last year for Christmas Soiree #2, I served this cake. A little less impressive so the guests ate it.

I may go back to the cake from Soiree #1. It really is impressive.  We will also have red velvet cupcakes and assorted cookies.

ZuZu's Cafe is doing the appetizers and sandwiches for me.  I can't wait to try the brioche sandwiches and mini phyllo cups.

And I am having a barista at the party.  Yup, my friend (and Oscar's foster mom) is going to be serving gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas. 

So there's lots to do before Saturday I'd better get started..


Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
It looks so cozy and warm... just as xmas should look!!.. Sounds like you have a lot to get through but I'm sure you'll do it and the place will look even more lovely..

Xmas here is usually a heatwave but the weather's been so strange it's been more like winter this week

Have a lovely and productive week.. ciao xxx Julie
French-Kissed said…
Everything is looking gorgeous and I know your soiree will be a beautiful the attendees know how lucky they are?! Stay calm...and enjoy your party.


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