Home for the Holidays

Every year in the City of Melrose, Massachusetts, there is a downtown celebration called Home for the Holidays.  The businesses in several sections of the city open their doors for some holiday cheer.

Each business decides what they will offer whether it is discounts on merchandise, free gifts, or food and drink.  They usually cater to the kids so there are lots of activities for children like cookie decorating and story telling.

Carolers stroll the downtown streets and add some Victorian flair to this City noted for it's Victorian homes.

This window at Breads 'N Bits of Ireland reminds me of an old fashioned display.

Lots of smiles today.  The weather was perfect.,  Not cold but just chilly enough to make it feel like Christmas time.

City Hall looked elegant as always.

My bank offered the children an ornament making activity.  We also had cookies and Elaine's famous White Christmas Punch.

Reindeer rides at Cedar Park were a big hit.

Bohemian Coffeehouse had a raffle for a basket of baked goods.

Turner's Seafood sold cups and pints of clam chowder.  I can attest it is delicious!

Santa arrived at the Cedar Park train station.

Coffee Tea & Me had lots of goodies to be enjoyed.

There were trolleys to transport the attendees from one neighborhood to another. I am so thankful the weather cooperated .  One year it was bitter cold with a wind chill that made it even worse and no one rode the trolleys. Everyone drove their children to the events that year.

But today was perfect in every way. Thanks to the Melrose Chamber for pulling it all together.  It was a great success!


Looks like a fun time was had by all! Isn't it nice that the weather cooperated!

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