Christmas Light Police

Every year my Sister and I like to ride around our hometown and surrounding towns and critique some Christmas light displays.  We didn't do it this year but there is still time!

I decided to visit a few houses myself and snap a photo or two to share with you.  Mind you it is more fun to be critical. For example, anyone with inflatables on the lawn gets bonus points for bad taste. And if said inflatable is deflated that's even worse.  The worst one we ever saw was an inflatable nativity scene. We found it in poor taste.

This is much nicer than an inflatable manger don't you think? Although there are lots of lights on this home I actually don't mind it.  I tend to like a simpler approach.

This home in Wakefield caught my eye.  Sometimes when a homeowner tries to outline their home with lights it looks just awful.  I think these people got it right.  Too bad I did not get it right in my photo, too blurry!

As I said I go for a simpler approach, I like a flood light on the door with some well placed or interesting decorations.  My neighbors down the street get style points for this display.

They have some lovely architectural details over the door and the flood light does a great job of highlighting them.  Cool snowshoes too!

Another neighbor's home. The home is accented with a deep purple and lavender so hence the Christmas light color scheme.

It is a profusion of purple and blue led lights. They were much more vibrant in person! Like it or not it makes a statement. Very creative people live here.

Still trying to get a good shot of this display. I had to give up. It was 28 degrees out and that was not the wind chill temperature.  It was very windy out tonight!

Since I've been battling a nasty head cold I decided to go inside and warm up and turn my camera to my own decorations. The ski over the french doors is a new addition this year.

Here's a closer look, the writing was done by an artist friend of the owner of Nesting on Main in Concord.

I put my paper Christmas angel (purchased last year from Nesting) outside of a vintage frame.

The angel looked lonely hanging on the large wall over the sofa. My sister thought I should put something in a second frame on the wall. So I looked through my Christmas decoarations and came up with these two peace doves. My sister had to do some repair work on the frame and then she hung it for me too.

Here's the finished project.  I like the color scheme and the two subjects seem to work well together.

Here's my feather tree. I decorated it with vintage clip earrings and pins.  It looks unfinished to me. I may have to add some bird ornaments to it.  The mirror underneath it is an antique.

Here's one of the clip earrings.

I love this crown tealight holder.

Here's a close up of the crown.

I have a pair of them on my bookcase. They make the prettiest shadows on the walls.

You can see it better in this shot.  Nice glow and firelight shadows.  I think I will keep this out after Christmas too!

I hope you enjoyed your little tour of my neighborhood and condo.  The kitties and I were glad you could stop by.


Lovely photos, especially the understated home with the detail - it's my style too! Love your ski, it's so pretty!

Happy New Year!
Good Morning Elaine!

Just wanted to stop by and let you know I have done a post on my Giveway Prizes! You may want to come take a peek at how great the lights look on my buffet.

Your pics here are gorgeous... love your decorations. Those little crown candles are a must for year round use!

Happy New Year sweetie! Sherry
PS The jewelry tree in lovely!
I too have been battling a headcold so now that Christmas has passed I still have not gone out to enjoy a good evening of neighborhood lights. I love a spotlight on the door too! That is what is on my front door with a wreathe and a big red bow! Can't go wrong with that! Your crown candle holders look so pretty when lit and casting the shadows! Will be great to use in the month of January!~Hugs, Patti that ski over the doorway!
RobinfromCA said…
Love your crown lights - so beautiful! And your ski is also just wonderful.

Those inflatable lawn ornaments have become somewhat of a thorn in my side this Christmas as well. And, during the day, when they are not inflated, it just looks like some horrible tragedy has happened in the front yard! An inflatable nativity - not inflated - would be in the poorest taste of all! Yikes!

My favorite is the spotlight on the house. That is exactly what we do. We put an evergreen wreath on every window with a red and silver bow. Your home looks lovely. The ski is a nice addition to your decorations.
the photos are simply exquisite!

I ADORE your neighborhood, the older homes are so warm and are so architecturally interesting.

I am like you where I prefer a floodlight on the door with a tasteful wreath, or, icicle lights in a monochromatic theme.

I adore your crown tealight holder!
Pierre BOYER said…
Great lights !
Best regards from France,


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