Christmas in Georgetown

Georgetown?  Not THAT  Georgetown, I'm talking about Georgetown, Massachusetts.  Last night, my sister and I and my sister's friend attended a fabulous Christmas party in this lovely north of Boston town.

I have so much to tell about the party. I thought I threw a good party but this one was really fantastic.

First of all, I got invited to the party as a guest of my sister.  My sister is friends with the home owner/party hostess. You can add a number of titles to home owner and party hostess such as gourmet cook, interior decorator, etc. Jolie is one talented woman and all of her guests benefited from her talents.

I'm sorry but many of the photos came out blurry. I guess the low light made for a beautiful ambiance but not for beautiful photographs. This shot of the dining room shows how charming this home really is. It is very old, built in the 1700's old and it has many wonderful details.

Our hostess made her own garlands. She is an artist by profession and her home decor is elegant with a touch of whimsy. Just the kind of style I admire.

Just look at that mantel. Fantastic architectural details. So elegant and Jolie of course made the wreath. Oh to have such talent!

Stockings complete the look of the fireplace. I think the fireplace actually works but it was not needed last night. There were so many attendees at the party there was enough body heat to go around!

There is a bar off the living room. Some of the guests relaxed in the pub atmosphere.  I loved the green doors leading to the bar.

Jolie's sister played keyboard and my sister accompanied her on the violin.  We even had a sing along. It put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

And then it was time to eat. Morgan, the English Mastiff was well behaved.  He did not go after anyone's food. What a gentle giant! I have never seen a dog that big!

Did I mention that Jolie is also a gourmet cook? She and her daughter made all the food for the party. We had crab cake appetizers and they cooked a turkey, pork loin and a ham! The scalloped potatoes were my personal favorite and they went fast.

There were so many desserts and again they were works of art. A buche de noel.

Assorted cookies, swedish wafers, greek cookies, spritz, and so many more! Cheesecake and a tart. I could not possibly try everything. Jolie gave boxes for any one who wanted to bring some treats home.

These "mushroom men" were made from marzipan and look at their adorable faces! So cute.

I forget what this dessert is called.  It's french and made with cream puffs and a spun sugar accent. It was tres magnifique!

Eating in the kitchen and eating in the dining room. No one was going to go hungry at this house!

I told you Morgan is a very large dog!

A beautiful tree at the back entrance.

The Christmas village took up an entire wall in one of the rooms. It was magical!

After all the eating, we had a Christmas concert. We relaxed and enjoyed our favorite Christmas tunes.

It was a most enjoyable evening.

Jolie created such a warm atmosphere in her home and I
am very grateful that I could enjoy the experience. Thank you Jolie for inviting me
and making me feel so welcome! 


it sure looks like a homey nice holiday season
Benny & Lily
Jolie certainly has a lovely home. The whole evening sounded delightful.
that home is exquisite!! I would have loved it too. I adore older homes, they have so much more character.

i hope you took some of those delicious treats home, what a thoughtful gesture to include a box to do so!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
HI Elaine
What a feast and beautiful xmas atmosphere!!

gee I love that dog.. my niece has a great dane.. even bigger.. must get a shot for you

Have a lovely xmas week.. if I don't pop in before hand.. merry merry xmas to you!! ciao xxx Julie
What a fabulous party Elaine! Looks like everyone felt pampered and surrounded with Christmas Cheer. Such a fun time.

Merry Christmas sweetie and have a blessed New Year!

Big hugs, Sherry
Sea Angels said…
Goodness that is the sort of party you see on the movies, how amazing and lovely it looks brilliant and I bet was fantastic xxx
Happy Christmas
Hugs Lynn xxx

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