Local shopping on Black Friday

I almost never go shopping on Black Friday but after hearing that Nesting on Main closes the week
of Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, well I couldn't resist.

My sister and I made a plan. A few hours of shopping in the morning in Concord and then lunch in Melrose at Turner's Seafood.  Not too exhausting and hopefully by shopping locally we would avoid the Black Friday crowds.

I am proud to say I try to do most of my Christmas shopping at smaller businesses. Usually I like the selection of items at local gift shops, flea markets, antique stores and craft fairs and the gifts are more unique.  Plus the people at the mall, both the clerks and the shoppers drive me crazy!

 So Nesting on Main did not disappoint.  The above photos are from today. It was crowded and the space was small so I took just a few photos.

All of the white and silver decorations were so lovely I have decided to use this color scheme for my own holiday decorating. I plan to use lots of silver and crystal pieces to set the holiday mood.

 They create such beautiful displays at Nesting.  Everywhere you turn there is an interesting vignette to view. Talk about eye candy!

A mix of glitter and nature. So stunning. Where is my glitter glue anyway? My sister was inspired too. She will be able to recreate some of the items she saw today. 

I have some silver leaves like this at home. I shall try my hand at creating a winter wonderland.
Let's hope the kitties aren't too interested in it.

More shots of Nesting.  A silvery wreath has that nice frosty look for winter.

These would be cute on a tree or hanging from some garland. I am big on hanging ornaments from garland.  I love the look.

After visiting Nesting, we stopped in at Jack and Toba, a new shop in Concord. I discovered Jack and Toba on a trip to Bedford last April, now they've moved to Concord. I enjoy looking at the displays.

They have an interesting mix of old and new merchandise.  I am loving that black window at the bottom of this shot.

 We had fried clam rolls at Turner's in Melrose and did some browsing downtown. The city was so pretty with all the Christmas wreaths on the Victorian lightposts that lined Main Street. The weather was mild and perfect for walking around.

I said goodbye to my sister and I headed up to Brissonte in North Reading.  This little darling was waiting for his mom or dad to bring him home. He was so cute I couldn't resist taking his photo.

At Brissonte, I controlled myself and just picked up so small items. I got some small vintage strawberry crates.  I will probably use them to display some of my vintage ornaments or I may put some pine cones and greenery in them. Or I could line them with doilies or pretty napkins and put some cookies in them.  Anyway, they are very sweet.

As I was driving home, I noticed the sunset was absolutely gorgeous.  I just had to take a photo so I pulled off the road into a golf course parking lot and snapped this.  It's blurry because of the low light.I just loved all the various colors in the sky tonight, almost an Aurora Borealis effect.  And one of these days I do hope to see the Northern Lights. It's on my bucket list anyway.

So far, I am having a great Thanskgiving weekend.  Yesterday was fantastic. Great food, family, friends.  It was quiet yet perfect.  And I am off from work until Tuesday! My boss told me to relax and I plan to.

I forgot to mention the winner of my blog giveaway.  I am pleased to announce that Sherry at Edie Marie's Attic won the Holiday Bliss Magazine and the white lights. You should receive the package soon Sherry and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.  I always enjoy what you have to say!


Anonymous said…
If I lived near you I would buy that window before you do. LOL Love it!!
What a wonderful way to spend Black Friday! We stayed home most of the day, only going to a small local shop to look for one thing. Oh, and we stopped at Marshall's on the way home.

I agree, it's good to support local if you can. The little shops in Exeter are filled with great gifts, but quite honestly I don't feel like shopping at all.

The sunset was amazing! So many people were posting photos on fb and Instagram.
RobinfromCA said…
These are beautiful photos of an absolutely charming shop! You are very brave to go out on black friday but a small shop is the perfect choice!

Hello Elaine~I've just strolled in for my first visit...I've enjoyed taking a peek at your posts. You've got so many wonderful treasures. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.
We share similar taste for so many of the same design elements. I love frequenting lil' boutiques, especially over the holidays

As fall comes to a close I look forward to winter that's fast approaching, bringing a festive inspiration for trimming and baking. Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
My cat also appreciates the evergreens and an occasional ping pong toss of my ornaments...

I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

Sweet wishes,

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