Harvest Dinner

Tonight I had my annual Harvest Dinner.  It was a great evening.  Dinner for 8 which posed a small  problem. Believe it on not I don't have 8 of anything.  I only had 6 of my favorite dinner plates so I had to use ones I didn't really like.  I hid them with a pretty plate on top.

I got the pretty plates and the green glasses from a shop called Brissonte.  These items were from owner Colleen's own collection.  When I bought the plates she told me had some nice green glasses to go with them. She brought them in and when I saw them I knew they would come home with me.

I set up my counter as a fruit and cheese station. I envisioned using my collection of scales to hold
plates for appetizers or assorted cheeses.  I liked the result. I served a delicious pumpkin cream cheese from Trader Joe's with wheat crackers and a monterey jack cheese with sesame crackers.

Here's another view of the tablescape. The table runner was a pumpkin color and it had little
LED lights running down the center of it. It gave the table a warm glow and the green glasses looked beautiful against it. I lit two simple white candles to give a bit more light to the table.

Every year I pull out my cranberry glass turkey dish to house the cranberry sauce. It was from the Martha Stewart Collection. I guess I should mention what was served for dinner.  We had a Vermont Goat Cheese salad with greens, goat cheese, roasted red peppers and pecans, turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cream cheese mashed potatoes, butternut squash, hot spiced cider, coffee and tea.

Here's another view of the scale. I was lucky to find it at a flea market recently.


After the entree, we rested a bit and then we put out the desserts.  Apple pie baked by Mary.

Ellie brought a chocolate ganache cake.  So decadent and delicious.

I bought the shortbread cookies from Lakota's Bakery in Arlington.  They made one of Obama's birthday cakes.  And the macarons were from Macaron Sweeterie in Lexington.  They were to die for as usual.

Debbi made pumpkin cookies, so yummy!

Mary's apple pie is always chock full of apples.

Yes it was definitely the pre-Thanksgiving pig out. The weather was perfect too. The day had been sunny and cool, exactly the kind of Fall day I enjoy the most.

I am always so thankful for my friends and family who join me each year for the Harvest Dinner.


Everything looks so lovely... the idea with the old scales is genius! And your table softly lit had to be a big hit with your guests. It looks like you had a wonderful time with good friends, good food and great hosting!

Hugs, Sherry
Anonymous said…
I've come upon quite a few old scales this past year but just haven't found the perfect one for my yet. :-)
I like the annual traditional meals you serve. It sounds like it was a success. The dessert looked delicious.
Kay Ellen said…
It looks wonderful Elaine..candle light is beautiful :)
Love that you have this each year..fun tradition and a charming setting.

Everything looks beautiful, Elaine! What a great party and treat for all who came. I have been looking for a scale just like yours and now I even know what to do with it! lol!

What a wonderful menu you had...and the desserts, Delicious, I love macarons. My guilty pleasure!

Very well done, I'm so glad you had fun and made a night to remember!

Eileen said…
Everything looks so beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by; it gave me a chance to discover your blog, which is delightful. I'm now your latest follower. :)
wandalee said…
Elaine - everything looked great! It was nice of Colleen to bring in the green glasses for you- just the right thing. I love her shop too - but I have to drive further now that she moved down to N.Reading :-(
Have been eyeing that Victoria magazine :-) I love your cats too :-)
Wanda in NH
Sea Angels said…
I do love cosy evenings, they are fabulous markers in our lives, your table and food looks fabulous...so much work but so much pleasure.....i like mixed plates in anycase and yours are really pretty.
Hugs Lynn xxxx
Wow... everything looked beautiful, and the menu sounded absolutely delicious! Throwing parties is so much fun- I just threw an engagement party for my brother over the weekend- a great success, but man, was I exhausted afterward! :)

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