Christmas Bucket List

Are there things you simply must do for the holidays? Like visit a certain place or eat a certain food? Well here are my holiday must haves or my Christmas bucket list.

I like to see a live performance at the holidays. The Boston Pops, the Nutcracker Ballet, The Christmas Revels, it's always great to take in a Christmas show. This year I am hoping to see the Nutcracker at the local theatre.  It's a musical. Should be interesting.

Next weekend, I will attend the Nutcracker Tea.  This will be my second year attending the event.

My sister and I usually meet friends for dinner at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH.  The inn is stunning. And the week after Christmas is the best time to visit.  It is still decorated for Christmas but the atmosphere is more relaxed. We look forward to this special dinner.

I enjoy shopping in the small shops in surrounding towns such as Concord, Lexington, Winchester, and Melrose. I've already been to Nesting on Main.  They do such an amazing job with their displays. If I have time I like to go to Boston and browse around Beacon Hill and Newbury Street.  The window shopping is great!

I also take in church fairs and antique fairs. I find the best stuff there. In fact, I will show you some of my finds in another post.

A must do on my list is to visit Burdick's in Harvard Square.  Their hot chocolate is too die for! The cafe is decorated tastefully for the holidays. After hot chocolate, I have the energy to brave the crowds and do some serious shopping.  There is always lots to see in Harvard Square.

Here's a view of the twig chandelier in Burdick's. I had hoped to duplicate this for my Christmas Soiree but time is running short and there is still so much to do!

There you have it, my Christmas Bucket list. Do you have one? What's on your list?


Marilyn the nurse said…
Love your blog and post. I am just trying to get a few things done for christmas, we are leaving for a week in Floriday, son has just had a beautful baby and we are so anxious to see her but losing a week before Christmas is difficult. Have my open house invitations written to be mailed on Wednesday and that is about it. Ugh!!!!!! I will be stressed out all the time I am away. But some how it all gets done!
I love your bucket list. Sounds like mine and just have to say that your stores on your side of the country are so much prettier than anything we have in the LA area. I would love to have a store like that one with the pretty white window display around here. I could really get lost there :)
Hello Elaine~I've always enjoyed traditional activities around Christmas. I haven't seen the Nutcracker in many years and would like to see it again.
I think when it comes to venturing through the small boutiques...I'm just as thrilled with the Christmas decorations as I am with the merchandise.
Here in the Pacific Northwest we have the traditional Parade Of Ships. Boats/ships are bedecked in lights from stem to stern. They stroll down our Colombia river. There is a restaurant that sits right on the parade path with a full panoramic view. So, we plan on dinner while watching the parade.

Sweet holiday wishes,

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