Autumn Vacation Day and a visit to Nesting on Main

Well I have been chipping away at my 19 remaining vacation days.  They are the kind that you use or lose if they are not taken by the end of the year.  So since Veteran's Day on Friday was a bank holiday I took the Thursday before it and also Monday off.

Thursday I went to Cambridge with some friends.  More about that later.

Monday I decided to go to Concord.  My friend Beth works at one of my all time favorite shops in Concord, Nesting on Main so I headed there.  She works Mondays and Tuesdays, the days I never get to go there so since I had Monday off I thought I would visit her.  Of course, she had the day off. Figures!

Anway, I had a lovely time all by myself just browsing around the shop and talking to Melissa, one of the partners at Nesting. She let me take photos to my heart's content!

The ladies at Nesting have such taste and a knack for display and merchandising.  The shop is such a visual delight.  Isn't this box cool?

A lovely display of religious items.  A very popular theme nowadays.

Stunning glassware. Ooh, that would look lovely in a holiday tablescape! They look nice and heavy too!

I thought this lampshade was so sweet! It had such a warm glow.  Such a great item for Fall.

I have to say this display was my favorite.  So shiny and just gorgeous.  Love it all!

Grain sack tea towel.  You know I bought one.  Anything that says cafe and chocolat is a favorite of mine. I think I will hang mine near the tea cups over the new black chest in the kitchen.

A pretty Fall display.

And in close up.

For display, the ladies use some antiques and some reproductions along with natural elements. It all works.

If you are in the Concord area, you must visit Nesting on Main.  Word has it their displays for Christmas are going to be spectacular! They close down the three days before Thanksgiving, just to decorate!


Hi Elaine!

What a wonderful shop... their displays and vignettes are stunning. I have a sister-in-law that likes religious artifacts and they do make an interesting display. The bird plate is gorgeous and the box it's sitting on very interesting. An ordinary box could be painted with names to get that same effect for a tiny fraction of what that one costs I'm sure. Hmmmm I forsee a project in my future... I'll add that to my LIST!

Big hugs, Sherry
I assume you are referring to Concord, Mass? I'm glad you had a nice day out by yourself, Elaine! The towels are definitely very 'in' right now.

Boy do I need to get out!
I don't know why I haven't seen this shop before. I go to Concord quite often. Next time I visit I will not leave until I find this shop.
Janet said…
I was in Concord on Sunday browsing the antiques shops and then went to Wilson Farms to get some produce and a fabulous French Eclair :) Lovely day in New England :)
Michelle said…
I would go crazy in that store. What adorable things!! My girlfriend and I went antique shopping yesterday. It was so much fun;)). I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Elaine. Lots of love and hugs from me, Quincy and Emma xo
Sea Angels said…
I rather like having spare days to use for treats out and these shops are feasts for the soul, it is lovely to visit and soak up the ambience and collect a nice gift or two.
Hugs Lynn xxx
Deb said…
Wish I was closer. It looks like a place I would like. Deb=^..^=x4
Kay Ellen said…
Looks like a very charming shop Elaine!

Thank you again for the birthday wishes:)
Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Kay Ellen

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