Wakefield Uncommon Antiques and ZuZu's Cafe

I took another vacation day on Friday.  I still have many left, yipee!  Since snow was coming on Saturday I thought I should get out on Friday and get some foliage shots. With high winds predicted I figured all the leaves would be off the trees and on the ground soon.

This shot is of a tree in my yard. I love multi colors on a single leaf.

I took a quick trip up to the Canal Street Antiques and bought the chandelier I blogged about in an earlier post.  Now I have to contact the electrician to hang it. Will post a photo when it is up.

Back to the foliage shots, it was actually a disappointing day. Foliage was not that great this year so I had to find other things of interest.  Like this old cemetery in Reading.

Another disappointing foliage shot.

It was getting late and I was starving. I realized it was hours past lunchtime.  So I headed to ZuZu's Cafe for a second visit to this little cafe. The food here is fantastic!  I am thinking of using their catering for my Christmas Soiree!

I love their menu, so many choices! Shocking for such a little place.  My goal is to try every item on the menu.

Last Summer, I came here for lunch and sat outside.  They have more outside seating than indoor seating.

I opted fot the deep dish quiche. This quite possibly was the best quiche I ever had.  Spinach, feta, red pepper, yum!  It was mile high yet light.

And there was a lovely view from my table. Aw, there's some foliage!

And here are the tables used for outdoor dining.  Friday was a blustery day.  I don't know what the wind chill was but it felt like sub zero.  I could tell it was going to snow soon.

The wrought iron chairs and tables were so cute! It is so pleasant to sit here in Summer.

Almost next door to ZuZu's is a cool little antique store called Wakefield Uncommon. I spoke with the owner and asked permission to take some shots. She was happy to oblige.

There are three small rooms in the building.  A number of dealers share the space.  Seemed everything I picked up belonged to vendor #99. Whoever she is she has excellent taste!

Loved the little beaded purse.

Displays were nicely arranged. Loved the lamps and the blue and white theme.

This lamp also caught my eye. Although honestly I have plenty of lamps. I always seem to be drawn to them. I don't know why.

 A nice collection of evening bags.  These would be pretty just for display in a bedroom.

 What a lovely screen.  I need one but this one is too pretty for my purposes.  ( I need one to hide a cat litter box).

Another one of the rooms in the shop.  Love the chair and the paint color!

I did pick up a few items at Wakefield Uncommon, a Victorian tray, a book and a cameo.

A very nice day off I would say.  I will be back to Wakefield soon.  It is easy access for me, about 10 minutes from where I live. 

Thankfully last night's snowstorm and high winds did not do any damage to my condo.  I did have to take several detours due to downed branches across roads today.  Some people in the state still do not have power. I just heard on the news 640,000 people are still without heat and electricity.  I hope the problem is resolved soon.

This snowstorm was just way too early!


Kay Ellen said…
I love your photos! Beautiful Elaine:)

Happy Fall and Halloween :))

Stop by for a slice of pie!

Kay Ellen
French Kissed said…
Just the way I would love to spend a day off of work...thanks for taking us along and the fall colors are not disappointing for a California girl like me...we hardly have any.

Talk about choices at ZuZu's. I would be hard pressed to make a decision. Love the antique shop too. Enjoyed my visit.
Robin Larkspur said…
Wonderful tour! Delicious food and antiques, what a great day! Your photos are always so perfect!

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