Todd Farm Flea Market

This morning was crisp and sunny. A perfect Fall morning and also perfect for a trip to the Todd Farm flea market. I got up earlier than usual and headed north to Rowley, Massachusetts.  The market opens very early.

When I arrived the grass was still wet under foot. The vendors were set up in the fields and I was ready for some serious fleaing. I went by myself so I could breeze through at my own pace.

Such a variety of items! And some very cool stuff. I liked this bird cage with stand. And this man
is showing off his version of Todd Farm chic.  More about Todd Farm chic later in this post.

Little iron furniture perhaps from some antique dollhouse? It was very detailed.

Some of the chicest people there were the vendors. This man sold handmade belts. They were well done!

He said the belt on the right was made from melted silver dollars.  Nice handiwork but more than I could pay.

This birdhouse was quite the conversation piece.  A true work of art. Steampunk birdhouses.  They were really cool. I did buy something from him but not a Steampunk birdhouse.  They were out of my price range.

Here's another birdhouse. If you buy one you must keep it on a covered porch. But obviously open porches are best if you want birds to use your birdhouse!

Can you tell I was smitten with the birdhouse? Ok enough already!

I vote this most creative use of a propane tank.  I told you that had it all at Todd Farm!                        

This old sewing machine at a fabulous table with it. It was in great condition!

I bought something from the owner of this very creative space too! His name is Jamie and he was so sweet he let me leave some of my purchases in the back of his van until I finished shopping.

You can tell Jamie had a flair for display.  His van had curtains on it! And all of his little vignettes were so eye catching.

I was speaking with a woman named Ann Marie who was a Jamie fan and she commented that no
one but Jamie would think to put a typewriter with china.  But it looked good. 

  Another one of Jamie's displays.  Nice china set and glasses but I didn't buy these either.

This was so pretty.  A perfect tablescape for an Autumn morning.

This desk set was Jamie's too.  He asked $25 for the set of two desks and chairs yet someone who wanted them thought it was too high of a price.  Wish I had the room for them I thought the price was fair and the desks were in good condition. Just a little scratched.

Of course my eye was drawn to the teapots.  That blue one was a real beauty!

 Ok, about Todd Farm chic. My attire for the excursion consisted of a boiled wool jacket for warmth, a black long sleeve jersey, blue jeans, and my waterproof boat shoes.  Green in color.

As I walked around and observed those in attendance, I noticed that people actually put thought into their attire.  Whereas I thought more about comfort and the fact that I might get dirty looking at old things.

This woman said she was an artist and she also liked the steampunk birdhouses. I liked the color of her sweater, so perfect for this season. And those boots were fab!

This woman looked very artsy to me. Is this reminiscent of the Annie Hall look? That's what comes to my mind anyway. For now we shall call it Todd Farm chic. I guess the next time I go back there I will wear one of my nicer jackets and a scarf or hat so I can be Todd Farm chic as well.

Back to the shopping, nice silver pieces.  I do love silver teapots but no I took home no silver.

Ah, yes, the architectural salvage guy.  Very cool stuff.  And that door knob in the front went home with me. I also got the plate that goes with it.  It is from the 1800's.

Nice wicker pieces, I was wondering if I would see some.  I would love to see some wicker on our porch at the condo.  We have no furniture out there and it needs some attention.

These heating grates were at the architectural salvage guy's booth. I saw a pot rack made from a grate like this.  What a great idea! I have a grate that I could use as a pot rack but my space in the kitchen is limited so it probably won't happen.

Here's the last of the photos.  This caught my eye, looking so pretty on an Autumn morning.  I will definitely show you my purchases in another post this week.

Hope you all had some fun this weekend too.


Kay Ellen said…
Oh my.... this looks like a very fun flea market Elaine!

If I want good prices at a flea market a get their before the sun rises...dress kinda tacky and wear very little or no makeup, I guess I kind of look scary...ha-ha!

Gollywobbles said…
I love Todd Farm and never made it there this summer. Thanks for the reminder, and lovely post!
Janet said…
I haven't been to Todd Farm this season, but will definitely make a trip next year. Today reminds me of a perfect day to go to Newburyport and Tendercrop Farm :)
RobinfromCA said…
What a fun flea market! Some of those clothes were quite something though!


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