Pumpkin Crazy

Just some quickie photos of some of my Fall decor.  Yes, I am pumpkin crazy this year! All of the pumpkins are fake.  The bird cage is from a yard sale. The trophy from an antique store. This is the top of the bookcase in my hallway.

Yay, I just received the velvet pumpkins I ordered recently. I selected the set with non-traditional pumpkin colors. I think they are so adorable. I just hope no real pumpkins were harmed in the making of the velvet ones.  Those are real pumpkin stems you know!  I got this scale at Todd Farm (see prior post). This is on the kitchen counter at the caffeination station for now.

This pumpkin sits atop a mercury glass candleholder in my dining room.

                       I see a theme going on here. This scale is from Brissonte in North Reading.

                         Small candles atop candlesticks from Pier 1, living room.
                        The last of the pumpkins!  This one and it's identical twin (not pictured here) flank the living room television.  The TV will be wall mounted one of these days.  I bought the runner from my friend Kim at our recent yard sale. I will post about that at another time.


I especially love the velvet pumpkins. You have decorated your home so nicely.
Yes...you do have a thing for pumpkins! I adore the velvet ones and thought about getting some but I have every available surface crowded with fall decor!! Oh...and I love the tiny white pumpkins!!


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