On Saturday, I attended an Oktoberfest at a friend's house. They went all out for the party.
There was a big tent in the yard.

                                     And they hired an oompah band.

                                                    The band was really great!

They played throughout dinner.

                                                    There was a photo opportunity.

And they wore lederhosen.

Some pretty frauleins.

The pretzels were delicious.

                                         A fruit plate complete with German cheese.

                                     A sweet snack of chex mix and melted white chocolate.
                                         The oompah band assembled us at the beginning of the driveway and
                                         had us parade into the backyard.  Evidently Oktoberfest starts with a
                                         band leading a parade.

                                I was behind Duane during the parade. He was dressed appropriately.

                                          Our hosts Roger and Deborah officially opened Oktoberfest.

                                             Lots of authentic foood.

                                        Don't ask me to name it all but it was really good. I loved the
                                        noodle thing.

                                                    Duane was very happy with the food too! Or was it the beer?

                                    This couple was outfitted by the man's mother who makes costumes
                                    for a theatre group.  His shirt is from Transylvania, a gift from a Romanian
                                    exchange student.


                                           More frauleins!

                                   Here's an overview of the "beer hall".

                                         Black forest cake, of course!

                                       Apple streudel, yum!!

                                              Vanilla sauce for the streudel.
                                                     Roger contemplates his beer.

                                        Our host's daughter carved this pumpkin.

                                       They have a gorgeous home with two decks.  One on the left
                                        and one on the right side of the house.

                                           It looked so beautiful with all the lights.

                                        The left deck.

This section connected the left and right decks. 

And here's the right deck.

Our host's son entertained us with the cello.  And yes, he is available for
weddings and parties. He has an impressive resume.

We all had a great time at Oktoberfest. The weather could not have been better for an
outdoor party.  It was unseasonably warm! When the sun went down it was nicely cool.
We were told this is going to be an annual party. What a fun tradition!


My husband is half German he would love this. I love when someone throws a themed party and goes all out. What fun!!
Salmagundi said…
YEA!-- you have to have the vanilla sauce! Looks like a fun party - your hosts were amazing, and your pictures did the affair justice. Sally
Fete et Fleur said…
Love, love, love those green hats! A perfect party for fall.


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