Cool antique find

I spotted this antique chest at Canal St Antiques about two weeks ago.  I liked it because it was black and it had glass knobs.  It looked small but I thought it might be the perfect size for a corner in my kitchen that was badly in need of a little sprucing up.

I had one of those butcher block carts that can double as an island in the kitchen corner.  It was too big and too tall for the area so I was looking for something smaller.  I also wanted drawers so I could store dishtowels and maybe some small dishes in it.

So after measuring the kitchen space and the chest, I took the plunge and bought the chest. After a major struggle transporting it out of the car and up some stairs to the condo, I placed it in the corner of the kitchen. Wow, I am out of shape! Note to self, ask for help next time!

It fit nicely in the corner with room to spare. As you can see, there is a heating grate on the floor so I had to make sure that the chest did not cover it completely.  It is the perfect display spot for my collection of Anthropologie teacups. That's a chalkboard platter from Pottery Barn.  This may not be a permanent display, I am always moving things around.

You can see that I have some wall art over the chest so I had to make sure the chest was not too high.

That's my bedroom door to the left in the photo.  Yes, I put a number on the door. I wanted it to
look like a hotel room door.  The curtain to the right is made of a black and ecru toile fabric.

The chest does have some flaws and scratches.  After all, it is from the 1800's. I don't mind, it just adds to it's character.

 I bought a reproduction of a French dryer rack from Brissonte in North Reading.  I think it suits my Anthro teacup collection.

I love these teacups and the colors are perfect for my kitchen.

Here's the wall art I mentioned earlier.  My little ode to France. The Steinlein print is one of my faves. I actually saw this print at my vet's office and thought it was so me that I googled the artist's name. I then found a print on Ebay and the rest is history.

I often write messages on the chalkboard platter but not today. I'd like to find a nice quote to write on it. Nothing too long, I'm a lefty so I smudge my words.  I usually have to write from right to left on a chalkboard.

This is the adjoining wall with the Harney Tea wire rack and a little clock.

Surprise, the interior of the drawer is red! Again, this is a nice accent color in the kitchen.

I'm still playing with the display on top of the chest. If you look closely you can see that the box is a tea box.  The samovar is Russian and needs to be rewired for American use. I think it is pretty but not sure that all of that looks good on the chest. I will probably stick with just the platter and teacup stand.

I hope you enjoyed your mini tour of my kitchen.  I have tomorrow off so I will post about my weekend activities soon. So far I am planning to attend a craft fair and then have lunch with friends.

And then of course there will be football!  Hope you all have a great weekend. I am linking up with Cindy of My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.  Check out her post here and then check out other particpant's posts through her blog.


Beautiful find
Benny & Lily
kay Ellen said…
Oh Elaine, I love it!!
What a wonderful piece you found!

Kay Ellen
weaverpat said…
Love it!
I like the samovar and tea chest better than the platter but because of their height, they may look more balanced on the far side of the teacups and stand.
Just a humble suggestion!
Anonymous said…
Nice chest! Looks similar to one I purchased that is also black. AND, you sound like me... struggling to move a piece of furniture myself, into and out of a vehicle and then into the house an up a flight of stairs. Why do we do such foolish things to ourselves?
Salmagundi said…
Perfect! That is a great find. Sally
The cabinet is awesome {next time get help moving things!}. It fits perfectly in that nook and I love your print!

Hey! I am a lefty, too!! Have a fun weekend!

lvroftiques said…
I love your new chest! What a beauty. And it works perfectly in the space, That pop of red inside is wonderful too. Vanna/your newest follower
Elaine it looks beautiful! You have such lovely taste! I agree, ask for help next time! LOL!!!
Chris said…
Hi Elaine, I loved the tour of your kitchen and the gorgeous chest you acquired. Looking good. I found and am now following you through My Romantic Home and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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