Canal Street Antiques

About a week ago, I discovered a new spot for antiquing.  It's located in Lawrence, Massachusetts at 181 Canal Street.

At first it might seem overwhelming.  After all, there are 50 dealer spaces to investigate in this old mill building.

I really want this for my dining room. I've been looking for a chandelier for about 3 years now. I would love to replace the ceiling fan in the dining room with a chandelier but I never found one I really liked. I think this one is it!

Wouldn't this be quite the conversation piece? It would be perfect in a home office. Don't you think?

There is so much to see here. I went twice in 2 weeks and I am sure I still missed some items.

I love trunks.  They are great for storage and decorating. 
I have one just like this. I got it for free, found it by the side of the road!

This piece is fabulous. I don't need it but it would be a nice addition to a bathroom. It was sold.

I spotted this for a friend.  She is looking for a vintage coffee urn and this one is lovely!

Lately, I'm into marble. I have a new table with a marble top. I'll share later. This piece caught my eye.  I need a bureau for my bedroom so I came here looking for one.

And here is the object of my desire. An Eastlake Victorian bureau circa 1885 with a marble top. The dimensions are perfect too. I am thinking seriously thinking about it.

I really like this lamp, however, I don't need a lamp.

And this one reminds me of one I already have.  I bought from a woman who was selling her Victorian home.  Mine is blue, this one is more reddish.  Mine is from the 50's and this one is from 1967.

 I liked this lamp with the small green shade. Even the bottom of the stand was decorative.

I love the way some of the dealers merchandised their booths. They knew how to showcase their items.

Another cool lamp.

You know I gravitate to teacups!

                                             I love these drawers from a sewing machine table.  I bought two of them.                                              I already have one at home that I use to house my CDs.

Don't this just scream Autumn to you? I can see these on a Thanksgiving table.

The fabric is a little funky but I love this chair!

                                               Hmm, this china cabinet looks familar! It looks like my grandmother's china cabinet that now resides in my dining room.

                                            They also have auctions at 181 Canal Street.  I highly recommend Canal Street Antiques.  I did buy a great piece and I will share it in my next post!


What a great place! I love antique "malls", so much variety. The chair in the first photo is adorable and the mail boxes are too cool!

Happy shopping!
Hugs Sherry
Janet said…
Thanks Elaine, I will add this to my Antiques Bucket List :)
What a "great" place, I want to come visit.. fell in love with the chandy, I'm wanting one for my dining room, the first lamp would be great in my living room. I too have a trunk like your picture, it was my grandmothers a cherished treasure. Thanks for taking us along. hugs ~lynne~
d e l i g h t said…
Wish I lived closer and could visit this marvelous shop! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

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