Random acts of kindness- flowers

 On Saturday, I was driving on Main Street in Reading and I passed by a house with this sign out front. Help yourself to the flowers, what a nice invitation!

What a glorious shrub,well, I guess it was a tree really. So lush and filled with the most gorgeous
hydrangea blossoms.

And such beautiful colors on the blossoms. The overexposed photo does not do it justice. There were pinks and greens and peaches woven oh so subtly into each flower.

The house was adorable too!  And I can only imagine really nice people live here. I drove home and got my flower cutting tools and returned to take some of the blooms off the back of the tree.

And here are the results! They look so pretty in the common area of the condo. I placed some on the bistro set .

They brighten up a little corner by the back door . All of my condo mates can see them when they are leaving for work in the morning or coming home at night.

And a second vase full of flowers for the other table in the foyer.  I have since taken the runner off this table. It was competing with the flowers and we can't have that, can we?

So, a simple random act of kindness can really make someone's day.  I plan to drop a note or card in the homeowner's mailbox to thank them.


That Janie Girl said…
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
How lovely.. and how thoughtful... I know I would have wanted to bring some home also..

thanks for all your lovely comments.. I'm just catching up with people now.. I'm so slow!! ciao xxx Julie
Michelle said…
I adore hydrangeas and what a wonderful act of kindness for sure!! Just love the music playing on your blog too...as always! Hope you're having a great week, Elaine! xo
Oh your header...just sweet memories of my life in New England dearest!

THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME and I hope to have my Etsy shop up soon!!! I must run to get ready for work...what a wild year this is with budget cuts, larger class sizes and the never ending CHANGES!!!

CIAO! Anita
Isn't it amazing how something so simple can make us so happy. The hydrangeas (a favorite of mine) are just beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous house! And hydrangeas just never go out of style, do they?
What a lovely, kind and generous sign!! It must have made your heart brim over!!

They look gorgeous too!!

Wow, what a really nice thing to do. Some people know how to make others smile.
Kay Ellen said…
I love fresh cut flowers...and hydrangeas are such beauties ~~~~ I am smiling all the way from California:))

Kay Ellen

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