Macaron Sweeterie, worth a visit

I drove by this shop many times on my way to Wilson Farms and I always thought it might make a cute tearoom.  It was vacant for a bit but now it has a tenant.

The sign outside made me investigate.  I love macarons!

Nice decor, clean, all of their offerings listed on a menu.  So far so good.
The owner ( I assume she was the owner) smiled and asked if she could help me.

I looked at the menu and then I spied these little pieces of heaven.  So colorful and delightfully diplayed. I contemplated all of the flavors. While I was thinking, a woman and two young boys entered the shop. "This is the best place ever!" exclaimed one of the boys.

Ok, after hearing that proclaimation I went for the six pack of macarons. I stayed with the safe flavors. I am not very adventurous but I don't care. Dark chocolate, espresso, lemon, caramel du sel, and 2 vanillas.

Another view of the showcase. At Macaron Sweeterie, you can also get gelato and cappucinos, mochas,etc.  They even have a macalato which is a macaron shell filled with gelato, your choice.

I opted to save the box of macarons for later and I ordered a mocha.  Not quite a European drinking chocolate but almost as rich and much lighter.  Oh my, I will need to go back for one of those again.
It really was the best I ever had.  The little boy was right! This is the best place ever!

Over the weekend, I enjoyed my macarons and I loved them so much I did not share.  Not a single one!

If you find yourself on  Massachusetts Ave in Lexington, you need to stop in.  You will not be disappointed.


Lexington, hmmm... I wonder how far away from me that is? I've always wanted to try those macaroons but I've never actually seen them in person! What a fantastic discovery, Elaine!
I just might take a spin over to Lexington and check out this shop. I haven't been to Lexington in a while.
I have a feeling I AM going to find myself outside that very shop if you keep posting these tempting photos!! Their macaroons like absolutely delicious. I love all the candy colours!

Anonymous said…
Your photos make me want to go there. Just lovely.
Marilyn said…
I have been meaning to stop in this shop. I live in Lexington and will soon. I love your blog and enjoy thinking that another Massachusetts gal is reading what you write, keep it up.
French-Kissed said…
Oh you lucky girl...don't know what I would do if I had such a wonderful resource for macarons and related loveliness nearby...will be in NYC soon and am looking forward to visiting the new Laudurée. Your Autumn header is beautiful!

Saucy said…
Well that place looks like a find - I'm impressed with the lovely colours of the macarons. I'm busy renovating my kitchen and cannot wait to make some Halloween ones... I wonder what the flavours should be? I will check to see if this place has a website, did you have a link? xo
Parisbreakfasts said…
They look excellent!
Bravo! Lucky you!

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