Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Every season I try to make a photo mosaic. Then I can look back and see what I did and where I've been.

So here's my Summer 2011 recap:

Top row from left to right-  an evening at Fenway Park, daytrip to Rockport, spending time at the Winchester Farmer's Market, al fresco dining and a delicious gelato

Middle row from left to right:- discovered a new shop Brissonte in North Reading, chilling out with an ice coffee and one of my favorite reads, a second daytrip to Rockport, Miss Marble the kitty we fed most of the summer

Bottom row from left to right- daytrip to Kennebunkport, daytrip to Nubble Light, Melrose Victorian Fair, Percy admiring himself

I didn't take a Summer vacation this year but I have 18 vacation days to take by the end of the year. I see lots of daytrips or long weekends this Fall!


very nice...amazing fall is here already...went pretty fast I thought. have yourself a great weekend!!
love the collage
Benny & Lily
RobinfromCA said…
Great idea for summing up your summer! I just finished whining about our "lack of fall" on my blog. Hope we get some cooler weather soon! Your photos are beautiful!

Sea Angels said…
What a nice summer you have had your pictures are you have some good fall weekends away too will be good to see those pictures as well when they happen I love the fall colours xxx
Hugs Lynn
What a beautiful way to remember the summer. You should consider an Autumn vacation, they can be the best. We always enjoyed them - before I became a teacher! I always enjoyed working a holiday into a week off, to save a day!

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