Daytrip- York, Maine

On Sunday, my sister and I drove north to York, Maine to visit some friends.  Our friends always rent a cottage across from Nubble Light the last week of August and first week of September.

It was a beautiful day and we spent many hours outside just watching the waves and taking photos.
We of course had our annual group shot taken in front of Nubble Lighthouse.

Don took video and photos. We were happy as long as he didn't turn the cameras on us!

I did a lot of people watching.  This woman had a cool umbrella with daisies all over it.

There were lots of dogs there.

Lovers enjoyed the view.

More dogs walking on the rocks. I am sure they would rather be on the beach.

A lot of people were into hats too.

Could this be the makings of a Christmas Card?

Someone was feeding the gulls so they were hovering all afternoon.

Here's the cottage. I love that deck.  This is the deck where Percy was sitting when my friends arrived at the cottage last year.

And the back of the cottage.  You can see how close it is to the ocean.  Fabulous!

And you can also see how close it is to the lighthouse!

This year we were pleasantly surprised by the renovation of the kitchen.
The cottage looks so much more spacious!

Ooh, I love open shelving.  Everything looked so fresh and clean.

Don't you love the starfish hardware?

The day was ending and I used Don's tripod for this night shot.

I was waiting for the sky to change so I could photograph what I call
Nubble purple  The sky had a bit of pink in it but no Nubble purple.
So disappointing!

I consoled myself with a hot fudge sundae with peppermint stick ice cream from Brown's.  The end to a perfect day!


Kay Ellen said…
I wish I could get on a plane and come visit New England this week! I just love where you live!
What a fun place to visit, that light house looks amazing~~~

Have a great week Elaine :)

Kay Ellen
I was also in Maine this weekend. York is lovely and that cottage is to die for.
Bridget said…
So lovely place, last picture is real highlight! :O)
That ice cream sounds so delish and one day I hope to visit Maine. Looks amazing!
Oooh, you lucky thing!! I wish I could pop over for a visit!

And that sounds like a fantastic consolation prize!!! I'm all for treats as compensation for disappointments!

Looks like you had a wonderful time in York! Great photos! I love the kitchen, and the starfish!


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