photos from a first communion

Last May, I photographed a first communion. I didn't post too many of the photos since I wanted permission from the mother before I posted the photos of her daughter. I just received her approval.

The church was lovely, modern but not too modern.  It still looks like a church not auditorium like.

Sara was so pretty and a joy to photograph.  She put up with me stalking her for about 3 hours.

The children were waiting in the church basement before the procession to the upper church.  It seemed to take an eternity!

Some of the children were restless but not Sara.  She was the picture of patience.

She smiled throughout the Mass.  Her mother was pleased as Sara is a very serious young lady. The little boy next to her was very expressive.

The man at the camera store gave me a tip for photographing first communions.  "Use sports mode", he said.  You can shoot more shots per second and you won't miss anything.

He was right!

Sara was happy to be outside.  She was beaming.

The wind chill must have been around freezing.  I felt sorry for the little girls in their lightweight dresses. It was abnormally cold for May.

A family shot.  Yay, no one moved or even blinked.  What a great group!

Sara wanted a photo with her bestie.  I was happy to oblige.  We went back into the church as most people had left and we could get near the altar.

Sara decided to ham it up and pretend she was a model.  Maybe she will be one day!

More friends and family joined in the photo shoot.

Finally, time to let off some steam.  Sara watched her cousin twirl.

She and her sister just had to join in the fun!

I made the family a photobook using My Publisher software.  It was easy to do but time consuming because I shot over 200 photos.  It was hard to narrow down the shots.

I ordered myself a copy too and it will serve as a portfolio for future photo assignments.  Sara's  mother has already said she wants me to do her younger daughter's communion in two years.

PS- Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post.  I appreciate it and I will share your comments with my sister. We are heartbroken over Miss Marble but we find comfort in knowing she will never suffer again.


Good morning Elaine!

These photos bring back many memories for me as I lived in Boston, but more so because when I made my First COmmunion! This little girl is just darling and her sweet demeanor reminds me as well of the kind and loving atmosphere of a Latino family, of which I am from. LOS PADRES, LAS MAMAS....LOS NIÑOS...oh dear..great memories.

THANK YOU FOR COMING BY! Well, you commented on seeing my writings in a form other than blogging. It is blogging that has incited in me a desire to write, but I have yet to write anything other than blog posts! My hope is to start writing some real poetry. THANKS to blogging, I started but what I have at the moment is is good enough for Hallmark cards! But I have spent all summer discovering the various forms of poetry and reading my favorites, developing my understanding of what makes them great and incorporating little by little, elements into my blog posts. It takes time. But is sure is fun to make a dream come to reality step by step. Thank you.

Have a great SUNDAY! Anita
Anonymous said…
Those are special and exciting times for a little girl. The white dress, shoes, gloves. It's all so ceremonial and beautiful.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.
You really did a wonderful job capturing all the moments of the communion and precious Sara. Her family will treasure these pictures and you have quite a lot to add to a wonderful portfolio!

How beautiful! You are an incredible photographer. Your subject is so lovely!

Blessings, Sherry
Sea Angels said…
Beautiful and sensitive and so happy ...your pictures have captured the day beautifully
Hugs Lynn
What beautiful photos! I can still remember my First Holy Communion like it was yesterday (believe me, it wasn't). You captured all the important moments in Sara's special day, and gave her a memento she'll treasure for years to come! Beautiful work!
How beautiful are these pictures? Such a fun day for such a pretty girl.

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