Kennebunkport continued

Two years ago, I vacationed in the Kennebunkport area.  I tried to have dinner at a restaurant called Pier 77 on a friend's recommendation but they were booked solid.  Last Thursday, I tried to eat there again.  This time I was successful.

My friend Lori Lee and I arrived there just as the sky opened up and torrential rain fell.
So no photos of a beautiful sunshiny day.

Nice decor and what a fireplace! I imagine it must be so cozy by that fireplace in the Fall.

Here's a closer look.  What beautiful inlaid tile in that mantel!

Oh right, we ate there too! After all that was the point.  We both chose to go with the special of the day, fried scallops.

And the scallops were huge! They were lightly fried, not too heavy and they were so tender and delicious.

I tried again to get a good ocean shot but the rain persisted.  In fact, right after we sat down there was a loud clap of thunder followed by a spectacular lightning bolt. If only I could have captured it with my  camera, it was all silvery with lots of tendrils.  My friend Lori Lee mentioned that she had never seen silver lightning like that! Either had I.

We finished eating and it was still so gray and wet out.

Just a really dreary afternoon.  Boo hoo! I wanted to walk down by the water.

I guess I will just have to take my shots through the windows.

This the bathroom at Pier 77.  After having just visited the architectural salvage place, Old House Parts in Kennebunk, I made special note of the mirror. Cute idea!

This is a little sitting area at the top of the stairs and just outside the bathrooms. I was loving that table and lamp.  So unique! It would look fantastic in my home and I'll take the chair too!

A separate room for larger groups.  I think my tea group would enjoy this.

I really liked the decor at Pier 77.

And another view of that fabulous lamp and table.

One more shot of the restaurant, lunch time is over.

And one last shot of the water before we leave.  Still no sunshine but at least the torrential rain stopped.  I will definitely be back, perhaps in the Fall to sit by that cozy fireplace!


Looks like a beautiful place to dine! The scallops look delicious too! Sometimes it's nice to tour in the rain!
Kay Ellen said…
Rain or no rain that place looks amazing to spend an afternoon or evening:))

Love it!

Kay Ellen
Looks like a neat place to eat seafood. I love to eat seafood by the water. It's sort of like Michael's where we ate in Newburyport. But with fancier furniture.

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