I am happy to report that Miss Marble was rescued last night.  We started feeding her in the carrier /trap a few days ago and she took right to it.

The rescue was scheduled for yesterday morning with the help of two ladies from the cat society.  Little did we know that the landlord of the building had scheduled lawn mowing and cleanup for the morning. There was so much noise that our little feral did not show up.  The rescue was postponed until last night.

My sister was there.  I couldn't bear to watch.  She reported that Miss Marble did not freak out too much after being trapped.  We had noticed that lately she seemed to want to be caught.

She had lived a hard life. Living outside near a busy street, becoming a mother of 5 kittens, foraging for food, all that at such a young age.

Today she had her surgery. She came through it fine and will be released tomorrow. My sister and I will work together to care for her as she recuperates. Just as we worked as a team when we took turns feeding her.

My sister's landlord at her art studio has offered an empty retail space for Miss Marble.  Seems Miss Marble has won his heart too.  She has a lot of people pulling for her as she transitions from stray semi-feral kitty to indoor kitty and house pet.

We have a few leads for a forever home for her.  My hope is that someone will take her in and love and care for her and spend time with her so she will learn how to trust and show affection.  She is safe from all outdoor dangers now and that is a reward in itself.


That's wonderful! She may adjust just fine, Elaine. My parents fed their feral for a year before they were finally able to get close enough to bring her in the house. She was a bit freaked out at first but now she absolutely loves them and being inside! How she survived last winter, I can't imagine. She's a tiny thing at 7 lbs.

And my parents still have 4 of the kittens! Mom keeps saying they have to do something (as in find a home) with them but she can't bare to let them go.
weaverpat said…
Thank goodness you've been able to rescue Miss Marple and have her spayed. She will have a good life now.
You and your sister have my utmost appreciation for your efforts on behalf on one needy little cat. Thanks to both of you!!!
Guillaume said…
Oh, that's great news! I don't like when a cat suffers.
Guillaume said…
And Miss Marble has such a cool name.
Salmagundi said…
Good for you guys! Check out my current post to see my son's new kittens, obtained from a farm family that had too many house cats. They are precious. Sally
What kind souls you and your sister are!
Kay Ellen said…
I love hearing she is being cared for now :)
Thanks for sharing~~~She is adorable too!

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