Weekend Wedding

This weekend I attended a wedding of my friend Deborah's daughter.  Heidi looked lovely in her dress. Here's the closeup of the gorgeous back of the dress.

The beading was on the bottom of the dress as well.

The reception was on the Spirit of Boston.  It was a 3 1/2 hour sunset cruise.

I love cobalt blue! In fact I was looking for dress the very same color.  I never found it. I ended up wearing white linen pants and a navy blue top with a glitzy necklace and bracelet.

Here are the wedding cakes.  Yes, I did say cakes! There were six of them! I can't remember all the flavors but there was a red velvet cake, a mocha, a dark chocolate, and a white cake with strawberries.

Red velvet cake was by far the most popular although I had to go with the mocha.
The bride's aunt decorated the cakes. Don't you love the butterflies?

And real monarch butterflies were released at the wedding ceremony earlier in the day. One of the butterflies landed on the bride's father's shoulder.

The Minuteman cake, an ode to the region the bride's family lives.  Surely, you've heard of historic Lexington and Concord.

My friend Deborah looked gorgeous in her blue gown.

Her son Landon was one of the ushers.

Heidi and Luis were introduced.

And they were ready for the spotlight that would shine on them all night.

Heidi and her father danced to a beautiful country song. Not sure what it was called
but maybe it was I saw her first.  I probably should have researched this for you.  Anyway, it made everyone misty, it was so beautiful.

Roger, her father, hangs on tight for his last dance with his daughter.

And then granddaughter Olivia joined in.

The couple's first dance with bridesmaids looking on.

The cruise took us past Boston's Zakim Bridge.

We had a wonderful buffet. 

And then it was up on the deck to watch the sunset.  It had been another 90 plus degree day so it was nice to feel the ocean breeze.

The clouds and colors of the sky were everchanging.

To the right in the photo is the Logan Airport tower.

Here are the girls from the tea group.  The bride's mother is our tea group friend.

 More pink clouds as the sun sets over the Harbor.

The wake from the boat made interesting ripples in the water.

Must be great to sail on Summer nights like this.

Heather was content to stay out on the deck all night.  Me too!

From orange to pink, such an interesting sky.

Have I bored you yet with my sunset shots?

As I said earlier, I went for the mocha cake.  I didn't regret it.

The going away dance for Heidi and Luis.  Not sure where they are honeymooning.

And one last look at the Boston skyline.  It was a magical night.


What a lovely wedding. The cakes were yummy looking. It was nice that your whole tea group was invited.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful pictures Elaine- thanks so very much for sharing them! Karen
What a beautiful bride! Her dress is stunning! It looked like everyone, including the tea group had a wonderful time!
Oh I love love and beautiful weddings and cake! What fun.

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