A visit to Brissonte

A few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to Brissonte, a wonderful shop on Route 28 in North Reading, Massachusetts. I stopped in there again today and had a chat with the owner.

We are kindred spirits.  We like all the same things, the same blogs, the same magazines, the same decorating style.  It's no wonder I love her shop!

She was kind enough to let me go wild with my camera. I sure had fun shooting all of the pretty vignettes in her store.  She had a flair for merchandising.  I hope my photos did the store justice.

I am still looking for a chandelier for my dining room so this one caught my eye.  Quite beautiful, don't you think?

Products are displayed in vintage cabinets and cupboards making everything more interesting.

This is very cool, love all the crystal prisms dangling in the afternoon light.

I love the company. Fringe, some of their products were on display at the shop.

Isn't this sign cute? It would go great in my dining room on top of the china cabinet.

Look at this old stove, a little girl's dream.

And here's a big girl's dream.  A crystal chandelier!

A delicate plate amongst other very beautiful dishes. I could have bought one of everything!

I always have a soft spot for teacups with violets on them.  I'm not sure why, maybe because I love the color purple?

Here's the front window of the shop.  The store is in a small strip mall on a busy road. a hidden gem, for sure.

These candlesticks are very elegant and would love lovely in a dining room like mine!

This is one gorgeous china cabinet.  It was sold, sorry!

More pretties on a tiered table.  There were so many interesting things to see.

There were even chippy doors. 

Here's the door displayed with a painting. Doors are fun to decorate with but you need a good sized room.

Lots of merchandise to pick through.  Prints and candles and cards, I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I turned each corner to see wonderful displays of exceptional products.

A dress form all decked out with flowers and a scarf.

Look at these sweet baby bonnets.

Keep calm and eat a cupcake, that's my motto!

This trolley was not for sale but it sure made a nice display piece!

Another great display cabinet with teacup, nests and lace.

I love these carriers with glass bottles in them.  Wouldn't they make great vases?

Here's my chandelier again.  No, I didn't buy it. I probably should measure to see what size I really need first.

A cabinet door with chalkboard. So cute and perfect for a rustic kitchen. Wish I had more wall space in my kitchen. I have mostly windows and cabinets.

Birdcages are one of my favorite items. I have two in my home.  This one is especially nice.

This one is cool too! I like the rounded top on it.

I saw these plates and I almost bought them.  They have green in them and I really liked the pattern.

The holder was nice too. The plates were from the shop owner's collection.  She said she used to use them with her green depression glass.  Nice!

Love this couch.  It kind of reminds of mine but the wood on mine is a dark brown not a light color like this one.

The pillows were lovely too.  I especially liked the red toile one.

Another door. They really are fun to use in home decor.

A closeup of the pillows, aren't they nice?

A fancy umbrella stand and a cool chair.

The other side of couch with more pillows, these were more neutral colors.

A closeup of those prisms on the chandelier.

A wonderful mirror. I could see this hanging in a hallway, bedroom, living room. Very versatile.

Vintage clock parts anyone? Anyone into Steampunk?

 A more detailed look at those clock parts. Fun!

This table was sitting out front the first time I visited Brissonte. I gave it another look today. I like it but not sure where I can use it. It might look nice in our condo common area porch but we need a lot more furniture than one little table.  So for now it will call Brissonte home.

If you are in the North Reading area, visit Brissonte.  I guarantee you will love it!


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
How lovely.. so many wonderful items I'd have to bring home.. if only I were closer...

Love those little bottles carriers and of course all the mirrors

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your sunshine ...ciao xxx Julie
Oh Elaine! I don't think this shop was there when I lived in Mass., because I would go through Reading all the time! MY FAVORITE SHOP there in Mass. was in Marblehead and I think she is still there, oh dear, I think I suddenly got CRS! I can't remember now, but it was a quaint and VERY DAINTY SHABBY CHIC style shop....anyhoooo...Boston too also had some memorable shops that I LOVE. GREAT PHOTOS, WONDERFUL FINDS (Oh that white cabinet that sold....wow)!!

Thank you dear Elaine for coming to visit my home. It has been fun to let everyone in for a peak at what we have been doing over the winter!

Enjoy a lovely New England summer day! Anita
Brissonte' said…
Hi Elaine:

All I can say is "WOW!" You are amazing..... The shop looks so beautiful when viewed through the lense of your camera. It is as if I am seeing all my lovely pieces for the first time through your eyes. I so enjoyed your visit. We could talk for hours and hours.

Thank you so much for blogging my shop. Visit me again soon, I see more fun chats in our future. Colleen
Corliss said…
Your pictures are beautiful. I saw things in them that I hadn't noticed before at the store; and, I know it very well! I don't think I've ever left Brissonte' without some little thing! Your pictures were wonderful (as are your cats). Colleen really does know how to position items and show them off to their best advantage.
Hey lovely,

You lucky thing having a shop like that to pop into!! I bought some steam punk bits the other day on ebay. Your post has reminded me to crack on and do something with them!!!!

I love shops such as Brissonte and would have been so tempted by many objects! I love the large mirror and that china cabinet was fabulous! If I ever visit my brother in that area I'll ave to drop in. Thanks!
French Kissed said…
So fun shopping with you. The plates are beautiful and I don't think I could have gotten out of there without the last mirror!


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