My cat is gifted

Which cat you may ask? Well Oscar of course!  I always knew he was smart but he's smarter than smart. He's gifted!

Right now, Oscar has a small vocabulary.  He can say why, no, and Mum. But lately he's been talking in complete sentences. It's just a matter of time before he speaks fluent English.

And then could talk shows be far behind? I can see him on Letterman, maybe Regis and Kelly, definitely Animal Planet.  We'll do the talk show circuit.  Maybe some commercials, by the way, he eats Wellness Cat Food.

Of course, we''ll need him to drop his Boston accent. I'll have to teach him to say his R's.

Don't worry, his brother and sister will keep him grounded.  As I write this post, Percy is biting Oscar's neck and then I am sure they will chase each other around the condo.

We have to make sure he stays as sweet and loving as he is today.


weaverpat said…
With that adorable expression on his face, I think he's about to say something really important. Like maybe "is it treat time?"
I've always known my cats have had a very good understanding of English, but speaking it is a special talent.
He's so handsome! He'll do well on the talk show circuit.
He's adorable, not to mention talented!!

If he goes all "Hollywood" on you, you'll have to remind him of his New England roots!

Adorable photo!

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