Man, it's a hot one...

Man it's a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun ....

I listened to the lyrics from the  Carlos Santana song, Smooth, which was on my car radio today.  It was 102 degrees outside according to my phone.

When I first got in the car, I nearly burned my hand on the steering wheel! I was hating the heat but then I remembered these scenes from not that long ago.

I remember listening to snowplows working hour after hour during the night and me worrying about the morning commute.

I remember having to clear my car off abour a million times a day to keep up with the accumulation of snow and ice. And one of my least favorite sounds in the world is the sound of an ice scraper on the windshield of a car. It sends chills up my spine. It's like nails on chalkboard!

I remember having to keep my distance from all the cars on the road in case I skidded or worse yet, someone who does not know how to drive in snow slid into me.

And I remember having to shovel a path just to get to the car and then still having to shovel off the car.

Ok, I am not going to hate these triple digit temps. I think I can make peace with the heat.

How are you staying cool?


Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
It's true isn't it.. when it's hot we hate .. when it's cold we hate it.. I think I still prefer the summer for the long hours of sunlight..

Hang in there.. we had over 40c days last summer and it was tough.. thank goodness for aircon!!

Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie
I'm with Julie, I definitely prefer the summer! Looking at those pictures almost makes me feel ill. I am SO sick of winter! Even the thought of fall coming around makes me cringe.

We stay inside during this heat, except to run an errand or go swimming in the pool. I'm loving the pool and so is my younger daughter and husband.
Anonymous said…
Hi Elaine,
I'd rather endure this heat. Those pictures are a great reminder that we'll be enduring winter soon enough! Until then, I'm keeping cool in our pool.
OMG Elaine I am roasting. I thought it was suppose to cool down last night. I am barely staying cool even with air conditioning in my house. I don't know I think I would rather be cold.
Donna said…
I loved looking at those pictures, Elaine, because that is what they were - merely pictures! I am not looking forward to the reality of winter, no matter how hot it gets this summer! (Of course I say that from the luxury of air conditioning. Dare I say if I had to endure our latest temps 24-7 I might be singing a different tune!... Donna

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