Kitty Photo Shoot

Yankee Magazine is having a Cutest Cat in New England photo contest. Now I obviously have 3 cute cats so I decided to do a photo shoot for each one of them. This post is about Percy, my youngest cat.

Percy likes to pose. He sure isn't like his momma who hates to have her photo taken!

And he likes to admire himself in reflective surfaces. Mirror, mirror on the wall....

He wonders about the kitty in the window. Handsome kitty, huh Percy?

He must have learned this trick in modeling school.  A 3/4 turn is always slimming.

 Another great pose Percy! But don't fall off the table. He's thinking he's just about done with this. He would really rather play with his mouse or wrestle with his big brother, Oscar.

Yes, looking so animated and handsome can be tiring.  I think this photo shoot is just about over.

Ok, that pose is not so pretty but it does show his personality.

Finally, the money shot. Is he not the cutest cat in New England?  He made the cut or rather the photo got approved for the contest. You can vote for Percy by viewing and sending his e-card here

Thanks for your support!


aren't you sweet posing for the pawparazzi!
Benny & Lily
Robin Larkspur said…
Percy, you handsome devil. And also, oh, so cute! I'm clicking to vote for you because you are Paw-some!!
He is a so photogenic! I love his hind quarters dangling off the table! Too cute!~Hugs, Patti
If not the cutest then maybe the most spoiled! LOL! Such adorable photo shoots.
Medieval Muse said…
He is exquisite!!!!
weaverpat said…
Percy has star quality!
We are casting our vote for His Handsomeness!
Michelle said…
Love all the pictures!! The money shot is too adorable. I voted and send an e-card with Percy to my best friend who just lost her mother (she was like my second mother) and send her kitty hugs with Percy's adorable face! Thank you! xoxo Good luck! We will all be crossing our paws.

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