A daytrip to Cape Ann

 Thursday I took the day off from work.  The weather was just perfect, not too hot or cold with a nice breeze. My friend Lori Lee came down from New Hampshire.

We decided to go for breakfast first. I suggested Sugar Magnolias in Gloucester.  Sugar Mags was on the way to Rockport, our final destination.

Lori Lee had not been to this restaurant.  She loved the menu and decided to go with the decadent Georgia French Toast.  That's marshmallow and chocolate chips atop the toast.

The Motif No 1 was looking good. The harbor was quiet. Just a few pleasure craft.

The water color was such a gorgeous blue.

And yes, of course, we went to Helmut's Strudel shop.  This is the view from the deck.

And another view from the deck. How fun would it be to take out a sailboat on a day like this?

Our table was right here, behind the railing. We had coffee and studel. So good, we each got a box to go home.

Everyone who sits on this deck does not want to leave.  It is possibly the best spot to view the goings on in the harbor.

Mini sailboats on the water.  We watched as sailing school went by us.

We found some interesting shops in Rockport. In Gloucester, we hit two antique stores and a consignment shop.  I'll post about my finds in a few days.

Hope you're having a great weekend.


Gloucester and Rockport!!! Two of my favorite places to visit. Great photos of your day trip.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great place to spend time.... what a view too! You are lucky to live in that area... just mountains here, no ocean.. boo hoo me.

Love the photos!
Benny & Lily
Michelle said…
What a fun day! I love following you on your day trips. That french toast is AMAZING!!!!
Hilary said…
I love all your shots of the coast.....but then I love New England......and your kitty photo shoots made me laugh...my cats do the same, why is that?? as soon as you start snapping, they start performing. My dog would look at me, and yawn.
Glad I stopped over from The Blue Ridge Gal.
Your photos are gorgeous, they look like pieces of art! Looks like you had a blast!

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