Where are the kittens?

So we've been feeding Miss Marble for almost four weeks now and there's still no sign of her two kittens that had not been rescued.  My sister and I are sharing the feeding schedule.  Miss Marble is living the high life. Eating premium cat food and sunning herself on the deck of my sister's studio. Everytime we feed Miss Marble we ask her, "Where are the kitties?" Or as my sister says, "Miss Marble, show me the kitties!" Miss Marble is keeping Mum.

The little trickster will even throw us off by heading in the direction of one house, then when she thinks we've stopped watching, she'll head in the opposite direction. I have scoured the neighborhood but no kittens!  They would be at the age where they would be tagging along with Mum.  I don't want to think that something bad happened to them.

It remains a mystery.  In the meantime, we will continue to look after Miss Marble.  She's already looking better than when we first met her.  She's trusting us a little more and eventually she will have a home. We might know a few people who would be interested in her. Of course, all prospective parents will have to undergo a rigorous interview process with us. They will need to provide references and meet with our approval.  We take our job as foster moms very seriously!


Good job foster moms
Benny & Lily
That's to bad you can't find the kittens. Do you know how the ones you were able to capture are doing?

My mom STILL has 4 of her kittens. She says she's going to take them to the SPCA but hasn't. She loves them babies!

Glad to see someone is loving on Miss Marble : )
Anonymous said…
How wonderful of the two of you to care for her!
Backdoor Buttercups on Flickr
How lucky is Miss Marble to have found you and your sister!
Kay Ellen said…
Oh what a sweet face...she looks a little like my Napoleon :)

Bummer about the kittens :(

What a blessing for you to take care of her...

Teehee! What a good home Miss M. is having the pleasure to stay in NOW! May you find the right family who will love her to pieces, as I know you have. Nature is remarkable. We have wild bunnies that make their home with us, and we do not mind, for we do not have plants in our garden that are CONSUMED by them as others do...and yesterday,I saw a rather plump rabbit going back and forth, back and forth...hmmmm, I thought. THEN, as I saw what I thought was her grazing in grass, she was furiously pulling up HUGE TUFTS of grass...she was making her NEST!!! SHE IS GOING TO HAVE HER KITTENS!!! So in the next couple of days, I will look in on the rabbit family and see what is going on there!

Thank you for coming to visit with such kind words about the photos and my music; it means a lot to me to get comments that reflect on my intentions...and that is to give my readers a chance to ponder over the emotions that I hope my words and photo choices evoke.

Have a magnificent BOSTON SUMMER DAY! (I lived in Beverly, S. Hamilton and Rockport during my 11 year stay there!)

I hope the kittens are okay. Sounds like you two have been excellent foster moms.
mudderbear said…
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to see you more again soon. Your blogspot is very pretty.
Tricia said…
I've been following your blog for a while and enjoying a glimpse of New England life. Miss Marble is looking so much better and a bit friendlier as well. She and the kittens are so lucky that you and your sister found them.

Enjoy the fourth!
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Elaine
Just popped in to say Happy 4th July....

You're such a good kitty carer!! Have a lovely holiday weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

PS thanks for kind comments!!..
Rory Grant said…
It all looks wonderful Elaine and is very reminiscent of what we non-Americans envisage the USA to be like.

I've always had a soft spot for New England in particular and I have no idea why!


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