Let's Have Fun this Summer

The other day my sister said to me, " I want to have fun this Summer."  She is a teacher so she is out of school for a couple of months. Me? I of course will be working most Summer days although I will take a vacation day here and there and probably a week or so in August.

Her statement made me think about past Summers. When did I have the most fun? And what year was it?Who was I with and what was I doing?  Then as I reminisced, songs popped into my head. When I hear these songs on the radio (they're considered oldies at this point) it brings me right back to those days when I was young and yes carefree.

I made a new playlist based on songs that bring back memories, not all of them are  Summer memories but some are.  Like Cruel Summer by Bananarama, I was heading off to England in July 1984 when this song was popular. Every time I hear it  I think of that wonderful trip and the tumultuous romance that I was leaving behind in the States.

I had my first real romance in the 70's and I remember the song How Long by Ace was playing when 4 of us rode to Cape Cod in my boyfriend's 2 seater Fiat.  This song was also playing in my head when I fell head over heels for another boy when I was still dating Fiat guy. And Best of my Love by the Eagles was playing when the second guy, head over heels guy, told me that he hadn't missed me that much after we'd not seen each other for a while. I was devastated.

Faithfully by Journey was playing on the car radio when I called off an engagement. No, he didn't cheat on me.

Do you remember Boy George from the Culture Club in the 80's? My sister used to love the song Karma Chameleon so naturally I think of her when I hear the song.

And the guy I broke off the engagement to? Well our theme song was Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar. Actually that is probably still my theme song!

When I was a young banker, my boss used to sing Uptown Girl to me.  I was always trying to dress for success and for the job I wanted in those early days of my career.

So feel free to click on the songs on my playlist and take a trip down memory lane. Let me know what songs take you back. And I hope you can make some fun Summer memories in 2011!


That Janie Girl said…
I love all those songs - each of them bring back memories!
When I think back on the 80's it would probably be the Go-Go's or Micheal Jackson that bring me back.

I still remember sitting in front of the TV, salivating over the lead singer from Def Leppard as he sang 'Pour some sugar on me', hoping my boyfriends wouldn't notice. Another absolute favorite that makes me think of that old boyfriend, Boys of summer by Don Henley. Ah, the songs of summer.
Anonymous said…
The song that ALWAYS takes me back is 'Reminiscing' by Little River Band.... it gets to me every time and brings back gentle memories of my first TRUE love in 1978. *sigh* lol

Salmagundi said…
My summer fun songs are really oldies - 1950s!! When my husband and I were dating, we saw Bill Haley & the Comets perform live in the summer of 1955. So, any Bill Haley song reminds me of summer fun. Sally
Happy 1st Day of Summer! I have so many good summer memories. Roasting marshmallows on a stick, playing games with friends at the beach. Most of my memories revolve around the beach! I think I've blocked out most of the 80's LOL!!!
Fete et Fleur said…
Rock Lobster . . . that's a song that can take me back to my high school days and fun school dances.

Oh dear, in fact when those songs were popular was when I was living in Massachusetts! SUCH MEMORIES, INDEED! We lived there for 11 years...ah, those were the days. But our life here in Minnesota is sweet and our home is more than we could hope for. Dearest, thank you for visiting me. HAVE A FABULOUS DAY TODAY! Anita

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