It's so Random!

What do you do when you have some random things to blog about but not enough to fill an entire blogpost? You do a random thoughts post!

I discovered a new coffee shop in Melrose last week and I've already been there twice! Coffee. Tea and Me is located on Main Street.  What a great place. there's quite the selection of coffees and baked goods too.  Last week, I tried an Iced Viennese and this week it was an iced mocha. Both of them were so fabulous I just know I'll be back. Check it out if you're in the area!


I am enjoying my little kitty pitcher, a recent purchase. Love it's irridescence and the kitty looks like my little Percy. And I am loving the fact that it's footed.

I just took photos of another one of my sister's live event paintings.  This is for the wedding of Michele and Brian.  They were married at the Copley Plaza in Boston.

Although Percy does not seem to mind the heat...

Oscar has become a complete slug! He just wants to chill out in front of the window.

And Percy can not understand.  Percy can go full speed all day long even in 90 degree heat.

Hope you all can chill out with an iced coffee, iced tea, or just in front of an open window. Get ready, Summer's coming!


Hi Elaine, sometimes it nice to put random thoughts out there!

The kitty pitcher is so cute, where did you find that? I have a friend who has cats and she'd love that!

That coffee shop looks like a fun place to stop and relax.

It's hotter than Hades and getting hotter, so keep cool!
Elaine said…
@Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes
I got the kitty pitcher at an antique store in Bedford, Mass on Great Road. Glad you like it.
Robin Larkspur said…
Good gracious, what an adorable pitcher!!! I can understand Oscar's lethargy in the heat. How sweet are your kitties. Always love seeing their photos!! Stay cooool!!!
Anonymous said…
Heat makes me a slug too, but I'm too tall to stretch out across my table.

Unknown said…
I love your kitty cat pictures, and the kitty pitcher!

Your sisters live event painting is gorgeous too.
Kay Ellen said…
Well you know me and my coffee addiction! haha

I love finding new little coffee shops~~how fun ;)

The kitties are too cute!

Kay Ellen
I remember MELROSE!!! Oh, great finds ALWAYS when one finds a good coffee shop! THANK YOU ELAINE FOR COMING BY! Enjoy those fabulous New England summers. I remember frequenting MARBLEHEAD every Saturday. What joy.

BISES! Anita
Salmagundi said…
Enjoyed this random post - your sister's paintings are always a treat! Sally
Lotsa good stuff going on there! I'm always up for an iced, or hot, Mocha. One of my favorites!

Adorable pitcher. My cats have been very lazy lately. Phineas has more energy than Luna but still even he is slowing down. I think it's because he's growing up.

I can't believe your sister can paint for live events like that. Amazing!

Thank goodness the rain has come to an end and the sun is shining once again : )

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