Feeding Miss Marble

This is Miss Marble. Miss Marble is the stray kitty my sister and I have been feeding.  She is the mother of the 5 kittens pictured in this post and she is just a kitten herself.  Sorry for the poor photo but Miss Marble is quite skittish and if I moved any closer to her she would have bolted.

My sister and I have been feeding Miss Marble since the day after Memorial Day. I feed her in the morning and my sister feeds her at night or vice versa.  She gets the same premium cat food my kitties get.  My neighbor caught 3 of  Miss Marble's 5 kittens and brought them to a local vet. They all had upper respiratory problems and are on medication. Once they are well they will be sent to foster homes to be cared for until they can be adopted.

The plan is to capture the other two kittens and then Miss Marble can be rescued.  The woman from the Cat Society in town said she thinks Miss Marble is feral and is not adoptable.  We beg to differ.  She is already letting us get closer to her before she runs from us.  I think she is making progress.

Once she is rescued, she will be tested and then spayed and microchipped. If she can be socialized she will be fostered then adopted. If she is found to be feral, she will be released back outdoors by my sister's studio.  We will continue to feed her and my neighbor who caught the kittens agreed to build her a shelter for the Winter months.

Even if she is feral, her village will take care of her.


Anonymous said…
The people in your neighborhood are just marblelous.
Poor stray animals. Last week my son and his girlfriend were driving up our street and found a mother cat(with collar) and her 8 kittens living under the steps of my neighbors house. We fed her and the kittens but she moved them eventually and now we don't know where they are. The internet said to capture the mother first then the babies. We tried but obviously had little success.
Robin Larkspur said…
So many unwanted cats and dogs in the world. I am proud and happy about you and your sister, and neighbor taking care of this little cat and her kittens. This story sounds like it will have a good ending. Thanks for sharing it.
Whay great pictures. Wish we could take all the furry kids home
Benny & Lily
Oh how sweet is she? I hope everything works out.
Elaine, it sounds like you have wonderful neighbors taking care of that little feline family. I just wish people would take care of their animals so there weren't so many strays. Miss Marble is lucky to have met you and your sister, you have such kind hearts.

Have a wonderful day.
Have you or your neighbor been able to capture the other 2 kittens yet? I agree with you on the mother cat. My mom fed her cat for a year outside but once she came in she was so sweet and loving. And pregnant. 2 of the kittens went to a home the other day and my mom was just sick about it. She still has 4 left. I'd take one if I could but with 2 dogs and 2 cats I'm pretty much at my limit.

You are all doing a good thing, Elaine!

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