My next photography gig

 Tomorrow I have a  photography gig. My friend's daughter will be receiving her first communion. These photos are from last year's photo shoot for another friend's daughter.

 I took some shots of the daughter with the priest and with her family. But I liked spying on the girls and boys for some candids.

It's fun to see them all dressed up in their finest dresses and veils.  All in white.

The best part is seeing them before or after the mass when they are just being themselves.

The boys are dressed up too and usually looking uncomfortable.  You know those ties are coming off the minute they leave the church.

The girls looked like little princesses. And there every move was photographed and videoed.

This is my friend's daughter, the fairest princess of them all with her lovely updo and stunning

I am hoping I  have a good vantage point inside the church. Wouldn't want to miss all those precious little moments.


Kathy said…
Sweet photos! Love the ones with the girls giggling!
Oh what fun! I enjoyed my watching my nieces make their 1st Holy Communion. I actually remember my own like it was yesterday, it was such a big deal! Have a wonderful time!
It wouldn't be spring without First Communion. Just like Mary(OBCS) I actual remember my own too. I wore a dotted swiss dress from a little shop called the Belvedere Shop. It was very scratchy!! I have the best pictures of mine as well as my own kids.
Love your candid shots of the cute kiddies. So real and adorable.

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