It's the end of the world as we know it

I was getting my morning coffee at a coffehouse in Melrose today and there was a long line.  A few of the women in line ahead of me were talking about the end of the world which is scheduled for tomorrow.

I joked that I hoped I wasn't having my last Mocha. This coffeehouse makes the best Mochas and they use Ghiardelli Dark Chocolate, yum!

One woman said she was going to Maine because that would be a good place to spend her last day on Earth.  Another asked if it was going to be Judgement Day for her since she is Jewish. And one of the guys said if all the dead rise up at one time it will be a Zombie World.

It was an interesting conversation with strangers and it seemed to shorten the wait for my Mocha.

So what are you doing tomorrow?


I'm in Maine! The Way Live Should Be! LOL!!! I think the banana bread I posted about will go great with the mocha you get in the morning!

I'll be at a bake-off with my nieces and nephews judging who made the best baked good. Judgement day would ruin the whole contest! LOL!!

Have a great day!
Elaine said…
@ Ocean Breezes So if you're judging then it is judgement day for you!
I enjoyed myself today and without the end of the world looming over me. I don't understand what this end of the world was all about. Of course I didn't believe a word of it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
It was a good day as I spent a lot of time in the garden. An afternoon mocha would have really hit the spot!

A fog bank rolled in around 6 but that was about it. I also texted both my girls to tell them we loved them shortly before 6 ... just in case ; )
Ola said…
Yes, I heard about this end of the world, so it was a world-wide rumor:)

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