I'm thinking Rockport

Two people mentioned Rockport to me today and it got me to thinking.  It's definitely one of my favorite towns. My sister said, "Want to take a sister's trip there some night after work?" "Yes," I said.  I didn't hesitate because I can't wait to sit out on this deck and watch the sun go down.  If we arrive around 5:30, we'll have a couple hours of light and then a gorgeous sunset to view.

Or we could sit here and watch the boats and gulls from an oceanfront table.

We could got out to sea on one of these boats. Maybe a sunset cruise would be nice. There could be some great photo opportunities out at sea.

On land, there's lots to look at too.  The flora and fauna of this beautiful town.

Some cool window shopping or actual buying. Yeah those towels are calling to me.

Of course there is nothing better than just sitting and staring at the ocean at the end of the day.  Well maybe sitting and staring at the ocean from the deck of Helmut's Strudel shop with a warm apple strudel and an ice coffee in front of me would just be perfection.

Well I guess I am going to make plans to do just that next week.


Sounds like a great evening out. I'm happy anytime I'm near the water, it soothes the soul!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I hope you go...it looks heavenly!

I love your new blog look and as always, love your music! Have a great holiday weekend!

Ola said…
Just dropped in. A perfect place,somehow reminds me about Christie's novels:) The last picture is stunning!
kay Ellen said…
It looks wonderful Elaine~~I always enjoy your New England photos~~makes me wish I lived close by:)

Happy Weekend my friend!

Kay Ellen
I so envy your close proximity to such wonderful New England locations! Such a dream ♥
Vicki Boster said…
Hi Elaine- I am new here to your blog- doing a little blog surfing this afternoon. How beautiful your pages are-- you share such lovely photos. I am happy to have found you here. I have only visited New England a few times in my life and I loved it all so much. You are certainly very blessed--
Rebecca said…
I love, love, love La Provence! My very favorite store in Rockport. I always wanted to carry some of their lines but she's a little "mum" about who she gets distribution from.

Rockport's our most favorite place to go in the summer. That little restaurant is where the kids swear has "the best clam chowder ever..." Sometimes we even go on rainy days, because it's just so beautiful - it doesn't require sunshine to have a good day there.

Beautiful photographs....

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