A free Saturday

It's been a long time since I had what I call a free Saturday. You know a Saturday when
you don't have any obligations.  No work, no nursing home obligations, no photo shoots.

I was really excited about it.  The weather forecast looked great too.

I decided to sleep in. Molly decided to sleep in extra long. Before I went out, I opened some of the windows for the kitties to enjoy the warm air and sunshine.

I went to an estate sale in Reading and found a few things.  Afterwards, I went for breakfast at
Aroma Cafe and had my favorite Eggs in the Hearts with fruit and lacy potatoes. I caught up on my reading with a few British magazines.  Love them!

After leaving the estate sale, I spotted a house on the same road with beautiful flowers in front. I especially loved the wisteria hanging from the arbor.  Along this road there are so many lovely homes.

I love wisteria but it doesn't bloom for long, does it?

The flowers were so pretty I had to stop for some photos.

What a nice variety of flowers in this mini garden!

                                          Such delicate blooms with soft colors.

Here's the garden in full view. It does not look that impressive until
you really close in on it.

The wisteria was in full bloom and so gorgeous!

When I got home I unpacked my estate sale finds. I bought 2 teacups, a lacy tablecloth,
and 2 military trunks which are still in my car.

I really don't have many pink teacups so I picked this one up. It was too pretty
to leave on the table at the estate sale.

                    The other one is white with a pink saucer. The two cups make a nice set.

So the end of the world didn't happen and having thoroughly enjoyed my free Saturday, I am looking forward to many more.


Looks like you had a glorious day! Where is that restaurant, your breakfast looks delicious!

Love the tea cups and saucers, they are so pretty, and is that the table cloth they are sitting on you bought, it's lovely!

Cheers to more fun Saturdays and fewer nuts talking about doomsday!
Elaine said…
@ Ocean Breezes The restaurant is in Reading and yes that is the tablecloth I bought at the estate sale.
Robin Larkspur said…
A lovely post! Beautiful day for you, and thanks for sharing with us.
Michelle said…
What a nice relaxing Saturday. That breakfast looks scrumptious! Oh and I adore Wisteria but had no idea they don't bloom for long. Boo hoo. Great finds too! Always love your photos. And yes the Rapture didn't happen on the west coast either. ;)
I love Saturdays like that. Glad you had such a wonderful day.
I can't believe all that Wisteria! Mine isn't even close to blooming, but it appears to be a different variety.

Glad you had such an enjoyable Saturday, Elaine. It was the same for me, not commitments, and it was nice : )
beautiful pictures
Benny & Lily
What beautiful things you enjoyed all day. Your breakfast looked yummy! Love the pretty teacups.
Pearl Maple said…
Beautiful post full of the delights of spring in New England, the house has so many pretty details to appreciate

Good luck on your treasure hunting
Ola said…
Pretty china! and the place where you live is really elegant

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