Royal Wedding Correspondence

Do you remember when I did the post on watching my mailbox for the Royal Wedding invitation? Well I had convinced myself that I would be going to the wedding. The reason why I was so hopeful was because my Sister had made some inquiries to the Queen and other royals offering her services as a live event painter for the wedding. She knew that the Royals would probably use someone from Britain but she researched it and could not find anyone who provided this service in Britain.

For those of you who are newer to my blog, my sister is an artist and she has a business doing live event painting for weddings and special events.

Anyway, she received these letters in response to her inquiries. She also received an email from the Queen's cousin who is an event planner. The woman said she
was intrigued by my Sister's business (she had not heard of live event painting) and she said she would keep my Sister in mind for the Queen's events in the coming year. The Queen has a Diamond Jubilee next year.

So fingers crossed everyone. My Sister could be hired for a Royal event after all!
I am her trusty assistant who can take the photos of the event which will be used as reference for the finished painting. One can dream, right?


Wow, how exciting! I'd frame those letters! Wouldn't it be fun? I hope your passports are up to date and you're ready to fly!

When we were married I invited the President of the Unites States, we rec'd a lovely card from Bill & Hilary!
See you there
Benny & Lily
Robin Larkspur said…
Most impressive and exciting. Be sure to see if you can find out what the Queen carries in her purse!
Donna said…
Oh, my gosh - how exciting that would be! I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed. If they look at her portfolio, I don't see how they could NOT want her! My oldest daughter is flying out of New York tonight for a European vacation and she's scheduled to land in London tomorrow morning a bit after 10 a.m.! Probably no more hectic time than that to arrive in London! Have a great weekend... Donna
Wow, she must have been thrilled. Hope she hears something back at a later date. Sooo exciting.

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