Live Event Painting- A wedding in Newport, Rhode Island

Just thought I would share another one of my sister's live event paintings. For any of you who are new readers, my sister paints at events like weddings and parties.

She paints most of the event as it is happening and then puts the finishing touches on it in her studio. The recipient receives a painting depicting their wedding, party, etc.

This painting portrays the wedding of Serena and Jonathan, a young couple who got married in Newport, Rhode Island last Fall. I took a shot of the entire painting so you can see all the goings on at the reception.

This style of painting is not supposed to be detailed. But as you look at the various sections of the painting you will see many details. Look at the clothing.
the glasses of wine, food on the plates.

I like the blond woman's hair and the man next to her. He was looking down when my sister was painting the guests at that table.

The bride and groom dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

And a man tries to capture the moment with his camera. Nothing escapes my sister's eye or paintbrush!

Even a waitress carrying plates is added to the scene.

One of the bride's sisters and her flowergirl daughters. I love how my sister captured the dress. You can see shadow and light, you can tell the bodice is pleated.

The band is, of course, in the painting.

And a closer look at Serena and Jonathan.

Another one of Serena's sisters and other family members.

A snippet of one of the tables.

A broader view.

And again, the finished product. To learn more or inquire about live event painting for your special event, please email me at .


That is so cool! I have never heard of such a thing. What a beautiful idea. Your sister is very talented.
Your sister is very talented. What a lovely gift it would make for the newly wed couple.
Robin Larkspur said…
This is such a unique way to record the wedding, and so beautifully done.
Stunning! Your sister is very talented. What a great idea and a wonderful gift to celebrate a wonderful milestone.
Kay Ellen said…
Ohhh I loooove this! What a wonderful idea and a treasured way to remember the wedding day!
I am headed back for another look...!

Kay Ellen
Deborah said…
Good morning Chatelaine!
Thanks so much for your lovely visit and following )
Im your newest follower (purehunnybee).
Looking forward to getting to know you..your blog is lovely!!!
Have a great day...:)

~Kristen~ said…
What an amazing treasure this would be to have of a special event!!! Your sister is very talented and has quite a sharp eye for capturing even the tiniest details, which I imagine is no small feat in trying to capture a scene in constant motion!
Donna said…
Oh my gosh, that is just incredible. I can't believe the amount of detail! How large is the origina painting to have captured so much? It's just beautiful!... Donna
Sea Angels said…
So detailed and interesting... what a talent..I wouldn't know where to start...she has captured so many lovely people its truly fabulous.
Hugs Lynn xxx
Unknown said…
I'm thinking about hiring a live event artist. I want to go out in the woods, with with my friends and with my old boss. We love sunsets, and the outdoors. If the artist could capture that, I will be thoroughly impressed.

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