I watched, did you?

Of course, I am talking about the Royal Wedding. I did not get up at 4AM to watch it. I did DVR it at 4AM. First I recorded it off the NBC Today Show. That's the channel I watched when Charles and Diana were married. Then when I got up around 6:15I switched to the BBC World News. I felt their coverage and vantage points were superior to the NBC station so I stopped taping NBC and switched the DVR to BBC.

Oh my gosh, the dress was gorgeous and elegant and perfection. I felt Kate really got it right. And all of those interior shots of Westminster Abbey were breathtaking.

What was the Queen thinking about? She was very solemn at this moment.

I hope the couple is always this joyful.

Oh, to be their wedding photographer! What an honor that would be!

I got caught up in the pageantry and did not want to get ready for work.

I was so wishing I was there to witness this magnificent event in person.

Every beautiful moment was recorded.

Wasn't the coach magnificent?

I see one of the flower girls was not enthralled with the goings on.

The BBC had a correspondent in one of the flyover planes. Wasn't that cool?

I love this candid shot.

There's the kiss. Did you know NBC had a countdown to the kiss clock? That actually worked out well for me since I was getting ready for work. I saw 21 minutes to the kiss on the clock so I ran and showered and still had time to view the kiss live.

An acknowledgement to the crowd.

And off to start their new life. Sorry, no more photos. This is the last I saw of the wedding. I had to go to work after that.

I took all but the very first photo off my television with my own camera. The first photo is by Mark Thompson and Getty Images.

I am hostessing my Royal Wedding Tea on Sunday. I will post about it on
Sunday or Monday.


Your Royal Wedding post is lovely. I got up with my hubby and we had tea and scones! Everything was perfect! Have a great weekend!

I was up at five and loved every minute of it. The British certainly know how to throw a Royal wedding. Great post!!
As much as I hated the hype I loved the wedding. It was very beautiful and they both seemed to be relaxed, and he a bit silly, which I liked. Pippa seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention as well!
I thought her dress was breathtaking! Definitely the kind I dream about for my own wedding!
It's nice to see these kind of traditions are still active amidst all the crazy modernity in the world ♥
we were there, BOL
Benny & Lily
Donna said…
My gosh, you clearly have a much better camera than I do, and you may also have HDTV, which I dont... I posted about Baby and I getting up VERY early to watch the Royal Wedding, and my "TV pictures" don't hold a candle to yours! Great job capturing the excitement!... Donna

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