Easter Festivities

Today I had my Father and Sister over for brunch. First, there was church and then we went to my condo for Easter Brunch. We started with a salad of baby spinach, goat cheese, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Orange juice was served from my hydrangea pitcher.

A daytime view of the table setting.

I made the same french toast recipe I used for last year's Wimbledon Breakfast. It's an overnight baked french toast with maple syrup and cream cheese. So yummy and so easy. I got the recipe from the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast cookbook.

My Sister made a Swedish Apple Pie and we had it for dessert.

In the evening, I invited my Sister and 4 friends over for dessert. Everyone brought something. We had fruit salad with blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries and a sweet cream dip. Also, brownies, lemon cookies, more Swedish apple pie and a chocolate mousse layer cake. That's it pictured above.

It really was quite spectacular looking. We couldn't wait to cut into it.

It was just as spectacular on the inside. And delicious too!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


Good morning! Happy Monday and thank you for coming to my post. It looks as if your holiday brunch went off very well! I lived in New England for many years and holidays there were always so special with the local recipes. Enjoy this fine week of SPRING!!!!! Anita
I love your table in the daytime just as much as the night time version. You really know how to entertain. Everything looked lovely. The chocolate egg cake looks decadent.
You really put out a nice spread for the holiday! Everything looked delicious!~Hugs, Patti
Elaine, everything looks just beautiful. Your brunch and desserts look delicious, and that chocolate egg cake looks sinful!
My word you really do it up right, Elaine! It appears as though you gave everyone Easter cards too. How delightful! And we even had decent weather.

Here's hoping the weather is better when we meet up in two weeks!
Everything looked yummy, even your table. Hope your Easter was happy.

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