I found a new store- Jack + Toba

Last weekend after the Bedford Polecapping, I decided to explore the Bedford area on foot. I came upon a really cool shop on Great Road. It's called Jack + Toba.

The store is named after the late parents of owner Suzy Adler Watters. I met Suzy in the afternoon at her store. I love the mix of vintage and modern items.

I purchased this candle. As I burn it right now I can smell a wonderful exotic yet subtle scent. Not too overpowering at all and just how I like it. It's made by Tatine out of Chicago. Suzy only purchases items for her store from companies that she believes in. She has to like the owner as well as the product.

Ooh, I love this all leather trunk. Could I find a spot for it in my home? Not right now but I did really like it.

This trunk would look great at the end of my bed or as a coffee table.

A fine example of industrial chic.

This fun umbrella is guaranteed not to blow inside out.

Aren't these fish sweet? They're made from driftwood from a Maine artist.

Cool window, I can see this in my living room.

There's that trunk again, used as a table.

Overview of the store.

Like this chippy table? The merchandising is fabulous in this store.

My parcels are wrapped. I leave with that happy feeling I have when I find a great new store. When the owner immediately acknowledges me and I can see how passionate she is about her business, I have to smile. I am in my happy place and I know I will return.

You'll find Jack + Toba at 72 Great Road in Bedford.


I'd love to visit this store. I don't get that feeling you described too often...maybe I need to expand my shopping horizons! The candle sounds delicious!

Salmagundi said…
I think you need to return to get that trunk. It is wonderful!! Sally
Anonymous said…
If I had a wonderful store like that I would probably name it after my parents too... How does Harold & Elaine's sound for a name? Has a wonderful old ring to it, eh?

Love Bedford, I'll have to check out that shop! We just sold a trunk similar to the one you're eying! Have a great day!
Don't you love a good store? Looks like fun.
Kay Ellen said…
Looks like a wonderful place to shop!

Thank you for the tour ;))

Happy Easter to you and your famliy sweet Elaine!

Janet said…
I have been thinking about going to Wilson Farm and this shop would fit right into my itinerary. Maybe a Turkey Terrific sandwich at Gourmet Farm in Lexington too. So much food, so little time :)

Happy Easter :)
Cindy said…
Thank you for the info! I love when I find new places to visit. This, along with the Gourmet Farm, that I just learned of from one of your commenters, sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon. As always, I enjoyed this post. Cindy

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