Social Media obsession

There's me! That's the photo you will find if you are looking for me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and it's also my blogger profile photo at the moment. I use FB for personal purposes, LinkedIn for business, and Twitter for both. My blog is just for personal use. I read that it's important to be consistent with Social Media, hence the same picture is used for each site.

I've been doing a lot of research on Social Media lately, mainly because I am going to need to ramp up my sales at work. You may know that I work for a bank but you may not know that I am a Residential Mortgage Lender. I have kept this private because lenders got a bad rap during the Mortgage meltdown and I did not want any negative comments about the mortgage crisis on my blog. I hear enough of it at work. Enough about my job.

My social media statistics should be better than they are but in my defense I totally neglected my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts until recently. I concentrated in the past two weeks on LinkedIn and I now have 91 connections and 3 recommendations. I read somewhere that it's imperative that you join groups on LinkedIn and I have to say it was a good idea. I have connected with a lot of people and learned so much from my groups.

I try to Tweet every day. I started to follow more people and now I follow 88 people and I have 51 followers. Some of the people who follow me on Twitter, well I just don't know why. They have nothing in common with me, personally or professionally.

I enjoy Facebook and I almost always upload photos with my post. My cats are a weekly occurrence on FB. I am also a FB admin for one of my community groups so I am on Facebook frequently. I have 62 friends but I know all of them! I don't need to grow that group but if my readers friend me I will friend back.

Of course, blogging is my favorite form of Social Media. I have the most freedom with blogging. This is my online diary. I post when I feel like it, no obligation and it is fun. Today I have 125 followers and I would love to build the traffic on my blog. It would be great to be a blogging superstar and have businesses pay me to place their ad on my blog. I feel this is light years away but we shall see.

Was there a point to this post? Oh yeah, I've told you my stats, now I want to know yours or at least tell me your feelings on Social Media. Are you Social Media obsessed? Which Social Media network do you like best? Do you use it for business or just personally? And lastly, did you get business from your efforts?


Anonymous said…
I enjoy Facebook, but my Twitter account is something I pretty much ignore. Everyone says it's a must, but to be honest, after a year on Twitter I still don't like it much.

I find that Linked In is for professionals. My husband uses it since he works, but being retired, well... Linked In is sort of a bust for me as well.

You are out of control, BOL like momma
Benny & Lily
For a while I was obsessed with social media but lately I just don't have the time or energy. You go for it though!

For me it was always a social experience. And though I have an ad on my blog it pays very little. As for my favorite social media, it would probably be blogging just because I love reading about other places and seeing photography. I enjoy facebook but have to weed through the nonsense. Ha haa!
Donna said…
I am a social media dinosaur, I'm afraid! No Facebook, no Twitter, and no LinkedIn. I guess I have a hard enough time keeping up with my blog! It sounds like it's perfect for your lifestyle and the business you are in! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. We sure had a nice taste of spring a few days ago, didn't we? ... Donna

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