Snippets of my home

I think it's been a while since I showed you some snippets of the condo.

The first photo shows where I blog. Yup, that's it right there. No office or elaborate desk, just 3 yard sale nesting tables and a laptop on the top of the largest table. I blog mostly in the living room in front of the television. When it's cold I use that little purple faux fur throw to keep me warm (it's at the left of the photo). I am very good at multi tasking. I often blog with the TV on.

I moved the bookcase to this corner of the livingroom after I got my new fireplace. I love the faux chandelier from Pier One and the candles and candlesticks are also from Pier One.

This is the second tea rack in my home. This one is from Home Goods and it hangs just outside of the kitchen. The teas I use the most are displayed on this rack.

And here is my ultimate favorite tea, Harrod's No. 42 or Earl Grey. I have to rely on friends who visit London to supply my addiction. Harrod's Tea is nearly impossible to buy in the States!

This etagere is in my dining room. I got it at a store closing. I like the scallop trim on the shelves. The candle is from Anthropologie.

I bought these two watercolors off Etsy at a two for the price of one sale. I had them matted and framed at a local frame shop. They're from Annechovie. Her etsy shop is here

I love the mat on this. It is a gray suede. The watercolor is an inspiration for the dining room I would like to have some day. I have been toying with painting my dining room purple. The walls are sort of a sage green now and I do love them. But it sure would be fun to have a purple dining room with white furniture. Oh the drama!

Here's the other watercolor. Doesn't that look like a fun room?

I have a large wall space over my sofa. I need to figure out what wall accents I want to choose for this area. I am thinking of a nice big clock, but, for now I've hung this vintage frame, one of a set of three from Barn House Marketplace. The ornament is from a gift store in Beverly called Sweetwater.

I hope you enjoyed the house tour. In a future post, I'll show the full rooms.


very nice and comfy
Benny & Lily
LissyLou said…
i really love the water colours and the frames
Your home is really pretty! I love the big comfy sofa and table, the perfect place to curl up with your laptop or a good book. And it seems we shop at the same places...Pier 1 and Homegoods. My favorites. Love the racks and your nice selection of teas.

Purple walls. Hmmmmm...lilac maybe? lol! I do love the paintings and the frame and ornament above your sofa is beautiful!

Thanks for the tour!

Elaine, you have beautiful taste and your artwork is lovely! I love the huge ornament in the frame and the prints! You really have a nice sense of style!

Salmagundi said…
I've drooled over those suede mats at the framers before, but never indulged. Yours are perfect with your pictures. Enjoyed the little tour. Sally
Harrods tea? That's so lovely that you have that. I went to Harrods over Christmas for their delicious hot chocolate!

Pamela said…
Your condo is beautiful.
I love your nesting tables!! I saw the same ones a couple years ago and could kick myself for not buying them!!
Donna said…
Your home is sooo lovely. I love all the photos of the fur babies a few posts back. They are so photogenic! They're predicting some WARM weather this weekend - woo hoo!... Donna
Congrats! All the pictures are just so wonderful! Love your style!

Deirdre G
Janet said…
I enjoyed catching up with your posts today - love the little rack with the gorgeous tan tins - I love tea tins but I have to admit, having been forced to drink tea yesterday, when I discovered I was out of coffee beans, that my love affair is with the tins and not the contents.

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