Gloucester with the Girls

Today I went for a day trip to Gloucester with two of my friends from high school, Kim and Joan. I see my friend Kim all the time because she lives a couple of streets away from me. Joan I see maybe once or twice a year.

Yesterday was Kim's birthday. We don't exchange presents but we usually get together for breakfast or coffee. Today we did both!

We started at Sugar Magnolia's for breakfast. This place is one of Kim's favorites.

I opted for the cinnamon raisin french toast with homemade maple syrup. Kim had hash and Joan had eggs and pineapple fritters. We all shared in a fruit bowl with granola. I am glad I got the short stack of french toast anything more would have been too filling.

Our timing was perfect because shortly after we arrived it started to get very busy.

An interesting mix of artwork was displayed on the wall. I really liked the decor and feel of the place.

Wow, that man to the left looks intense. She sure has his full attention!

A mural adorned one of the walls.

I just had to take a photo of this poster that was in the ladies room. Audrey with a cat, how perfect!

One more look back at Sugar Magnolia's before we turned down the street. I really love this place. It is exactly the type of breakfast spot I like to frequent.

We headed next door to Gabriel's Antiques and this teapot caught my eye. I didn't need another teapot so I passed on it.

We liked this outfit outside of the Dress Code. They had very cool clothes and we spent quite a bit of time there. Kim tried this coat on but it was too big and of course one of a kind.

Before heading home, we decided to stop for coffee/tea at the Pleasant Street Tea Company.

This spot had quite the selection of teas and coffees. There were lunch items as well but we were still stuffed from breakfast. I just had a dark chocolate mocha.

Well, maybe I could have a little nibble.

I had orders not to take any photos of Kim and Joan for the blog. I didn't realize that they made it into the right hand corner of this shot. Ha, Ha! I don't think they will mind.

For this shot, I was aiming for the steam coming off the tea against the dark wall. But I did actually get some of Kim in this shot. She said it was ok. We loved just sitting and chatting in this quiet corner of the tea company. There were couches and chairs you could just sink into and sit in all day. And we did spend a long time there.

As I sit blogging about my lovely day with the girls, my boys are at my feet enjoying a little brotherly love. Sweet!


Robin Larkspur said…
That breakfast looked amazing! And I loved the table in the window of the antique shop with the teapot. You had a wonderful day with good friends and delicious food and drink. How great. Cats can make sleeping look so luxurious!! Thanks for sharing the fun.
What a wonderful day you had! Good friends, good food, good times! I love the artwork in the restaurant and the antique store looks like a lot of fun. I rarely go home empty handed! lol! I have so little restraint. I'm happy you had such a lovely day!

I'll have to try to remember the name of that restaurant. It looks like a good place to eat! It also looks like you ladies had a wonderful time : )

It's a rare thing when a woman can capture any mans total attention. Ha!
Anonymous said…
What a perfect time you had! I think I would probably have tried that jacket on too just because the colors stand out so nicely.

Cute teapot!

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. It it so nice that you get to see your High School friends. Gloucester is a wonderful place to visit even in the winter.
Sounds like you had a lovely day, from start to finish. There's nothing like old friends and great memories.
Looks like you had a lovely time! And I adore that last photo! So cute :)
Hi Chatelaine, Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know you are an Antro fan as well. That French toast looked absolutely amazing. I love food like that and your day with old friends...what fun.
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi Dear Elaine
Sounds like you had a lovely time.. and love the shots from the last post!!! beautiful.. one day I am going to get myself over that way and see for myself!!! meanwhile I'll enjoy your shots..

ciao xxxx Julie
Rebecca said…
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this. I actually have plans the end of this month in Gloucester and my appointment is at 5, so to avoid traffic I was going to go up in the daytime. I think Sugar Magnolia is going to get a visit from this girl... ;)

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