Chilling out on the weekend

Last week had been very stressful. Lots of stress, at work and home. So I just wanted to chill out over the weekend.

I started chilling on Friday night. Coffee with a friend at the local Starbucks. My friend Kim and I both wanted decaf drinks. Our barista, Julio, suggested something called a steamer. Just chocolate syrup and steamed milk and I think that's it. He said it was less caffeine than a mocha or a cocoa cappucino. I ordered it and he delivered this to my table. I love the flower he made for me. He is the best!

Jump to Sunday breakfast. Met my sister at our favorite haunt, Aroma Cafe in Reading. It's funny because neither one of us had said we would go there today. But we both showed up. And we both had the eggs in the hearts. So cute but a little blurry with my camera phone. I will master this phone camera someday!

Here's what Percy did this weekend! He's looking for trouble to get into.

Here's what Molly did on Saturday.

Here's what Molly did on Sunday!

Oscar relaxed this weekend too!

Saturday night, I went out to dinner with friends to Absolutely Fabulous in Melrose. I had won a $100 gift certificate to this restaurant. We split an appetizer, each of us had an entree, one person had wine and we split two desserts. My two friends paid the tax and tip. The food was excellent amid a nice atmosphere. It was fairly busy but we were not rushed. We would definitely go back.

So I had a nice weekend, how about you?


Pamela said…
Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!!! coffee bars and dinner with friends...what more could a girl want!!!
Don't you just hate stressful weeks? I had one too! It sounds like you recovered nicely with a lovely weekend. We had a great weekend also, we went to Maine . . . Have a wonderful week!
You always have fun Elaine and by the photos of your cats they usually do to. Although this weekend it looks like they did more resting than anything else.
Your cat picutres are sooooooooo funny and sweet. They're gorgeous!!

I liked your Social Media post, by the way. I'm rubbish at all that. I do have a FB page for Modern Country Stlye but I'm not convinced that it's a good idea yet.

I know, I'm backward!!!!

Fete et Fleur said…
I'm loving your new header! You had a wonderful and well deserved peaceful weekend.

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I'm feeling great now.

Michelle said…
Sounds like you did some great relaxation last weekend. Hope you're not as stressed out! Life is too short! xo

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