Chatelaine Style

Hey look, I'm a designer! I just joined Olioboard and designed a bedroom. I'm calling it Chatelaine Style.

I know the scale is way off and the wallpaper print behind the bed is way too big but I think it came out ok. It's very gray with pink/rose accents. I even picked out the pillows on the bed! ( You can click the photo to enlarge)

Of course, there has to be at least one kitty in the bedroom. Even her bed is gray and pink! Can you tell I like gray and pink? Just look at my blog header!

I am really looking forward to exploring Olioboard and I hope you do too!


Kay Ellen said…
So pretty Elaine!!

It looks great! What is this website? I'd love to design something too! :)
It's very beautiful Elaine. The wallpaper almost has a Japanese feel to it.
How neat is that. Gray and pink I think are very soothing colors, especially if they are a little muted.
Sea Angels said…
There will be a book before you know it.....get working on it... I love this look
Hugs Lynn xxx
Rebecca said…
I love it! I have no idea what Olioboard is, but I'm off to find out. :) I love designing rooms...
Rebecca said…
Okay, so I did my own Olioboard...if I can get the image to work, I"ll post about it tomorrow. How fun!!
I'm so happy I found you, I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I'm following you now! Wishing you happiness, Katherine

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